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The story of the misplaced Christmas Card


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I'd noticed that one of my favorite forumites hadn't sent me a Christmas card this year. (Not to be confused with Mr.Silly who has obviously abandoned me this year)

I was sensitive about the no card, but this forumite can do no wrong in my eyes so I chose to conceal my hurt. :(

I'm at MomCheese's for Christmas Day admiring her fireplace mantel FULL of Christmas cards. (No Christmas stocking for Cheese)

All the cards were lovely but one sorta looked out of place. That looks like a card my Kirby would send, thought I, and the hurt of being forgotten was fresh and all anew.

I picked up the beautiful card, opened, and began shaking a bit inside.

The card was addressed to Cheese!!!!

MomCheese had somehow stolen my Christmas card from my friend and she had NOT forgotten me.

I love the card. :)

MC picked up my mail for a few days 2 weeks ago while I was away. She has no explanation how she ended up with my card on her mantel.

I reminded her that tampering with the US mail was a Federal offense but promised not to press charges as long as she makes me homemade fudge for my birthday.

I will press charges.

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