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  1. I do, but I don't wear it much - the arms feel to thick. I have a plush lined sweatshirt jacket I wear much more often.
  2. Yes, I go for an annual physical, and check blood work every 6 months. I hope you can find some relief for your ankle, SW!
  3. I'm afraid to click on that link.
  4. No. Get Fuzzy was in the NY papers and I've read that for years. To me Frazz is a newcomer and not one of the core cartoons.
  5. My wild sister gave me a tea advent calendar last year, and I've seen wine calendars as well. I don't recall a beer calendar, but I don't really drink beer much, so I'm less likely to see it.
  6. I've been working from home since March 2020, so I don't have a good sense of traffic. I thought it was still down a lot (the parking lot at the commuter train station is definitely much less empty than in 2019), but I went to the dentist this week during morning "drive time" and was shocked at how much traffic I saw. The entrance to the highway was backed up and even side roads that lead to the highway were backed up with it taking a number of lights in order to get through the intersection. But I heard there was an accident that morning on the highway, so that may have been the issue.
  7. I also get sometimes spotty cell reception, so I've kept my land line since I do a lot of calls for work. But when I retire, I don't see any real need for it.
  8. According to the article, the itinerary is divided into 4 parts, and people can book less than the full cruise and focus just on a particular region.
  9. Royal Caribbean is promoting a 274 night cruise that stops on all 7 continents and has 150 stops. all around the world. Tickets start at $60,999. If you had that many days off and that much money to spend on travel, would you like to take this trip? https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2021/10/20/go-everywhere-royal-caribbean-announces-new-274-night-world-cruise/8520975002/
  10. A nap is always a good choice.
  11. I've got some ketchup in the refrigerator, and don't keep any others.
  12. Kirby

    Junk Drawer

    The kitchen junk drawer has cough drops, key chains, spare keys ,pens, glass scraper thingys, a bunch of change, ,flashlights, kitchen shears, a few decorative stamps, measuring tapes, small paint brushes, scissors, hand creams, masking tape, pens, measuring tapes etc. Don't ask about the junk closet or the junk room. Or the garage.
  13. If I had a month in some location, it might be interesting to see a foreign take on Disney, but it would be very low on my list. I enjoyed going to Disney a few times with friends when I lived in Los Angeles, but it seems like you need to do a lot of advance work to enjoy a trip to Disney these days. They have a whole new fast pass system and I think I'd be afraid that I was missing out on some of the advantages I should be getting. Plus whole forums are dedicated to when you need to make reservations, what attractions require advance planning etc and it's an expensive day trip, so you want to make sure you make the most of your day.
  14. A celebrity can catch your attention for ads that otherwise go unnoticed, but the nature of the product does indicate how desperate the celebrity is. A national prime time campaign, is the high bar. Medicare Advantage plans or Reverse Mortgages on Buzzr tv are the low bar.
  15. Temps here were in the high 30's when I went to the dentist on Tuesday.
  16. Kirby

    ESG investing

    I tend to invest in broad based indexes, so I get some good along with the bad. But some ESG investing is based on the theory that socially responsible companies are likely to do better in the long run, so it can still be financially motivated, Although this Bloomberg article mentions that many ESG funds significantly overlap the holdings of an S&P 500 fund, but with higher fees.
  17. Post some pics so we can share in the fun!
  18. Sorry for the loss of your friend, but it sounds like he accomplished a lot during his life and worked hard to help people involved in agriculture.
  19. I'm usually so happy that it's not time for me to get up that I don't mind waking up. I typically go back to sleep very quickly, but on the nights where I can't go to sleep it's annoying. I do have an Amazon Alexa in the room, and will sometimes play music or something to distract me with a sleep timer set when I'm having a hard time sleeping, although this isn't a good option for people with a partner who is sleeping soundly.
  20. I don't think apple picking is really about getting apples, although people who bake or preserve fruit may use all the apples they get. It's more about having an activity that you can do with kids in beautiful autumn weather, and it's usually combined with apple cider donuts, some sort of a petting zoo and a "country store" where people from NYC go nuts buying apple themed products. There are also likely to be cutouts for posing for pictures. or some sort of a play park for kids. The downside is that there tend to be crowds if you go on a weekend.
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