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  1. When I go shopping, I'll often opt for the generic or store brand option. Generic allergy medicines are a lot cheaper than name brands and seem to work as well for me. But there are some times when I will not substitute. I'll stick with Bounty paper towels and either Puffs or Kleenex tissues. I'm also fairly loyal when it comes to skin products since I know certain brands won't cause an allergic reaction. And I may not buy saltine crackers often, but if I do, they're going to be Premium Brand. So how about you? Are there some products where you won't switch brands? Other areas where
  2. My parents always said that a bad disposition should be a disqualifying trait and I tend to agree. It's emotionally tiring to live with someone who gets upset over little things Life is hard enough without "making a misery"
  3. But she did it courteously.
  4. I'm doubly glad that you got inside to see it, and that you won't be arrested for breaking and entering
  5. Also, it's not fair to hide a cute dog pic in a thread with a title about office work!
  6. Kirby


    So pointless and ssad.
  7. Is that the fancy house with the greenhouse?
  8. Cooper looks very helpful!
  9. Kirby

    Annie Annie!

    Yay, you never know when this will come in handy on our more exciting threads!
  10. Beautiful bike! (but it needs streamers ) Whatever helps get you out and enjoying riding or any exercise is a good thing.!!
  11. It's a mess. The car fits in but there is a lot of storage of junk going on too.
  12. Truly not me. I'm bad with plants and would have no idea what to pick even if I wanted to send something.
  13. Cute news story about some ducklings getting carried back to Central Park, with Momma Duck following closely along https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/duck-family-roaming-nyc-streets-get-escort-to-central-park/3045473/ Te little family was safely back on the water after the rescue.
  14. I double checked this thread to make sure it wasn't a dredge of a thread from years ago! Delighted to see you both here!
  15. We need to keep our posters alive and healthy - take care of yourselves. We'd miss you here.
  16. I use a steroid nasal spray during bad allergy seasons - flonase sensimist works well for me. Some others are too harsh for me. I like allergra for "outdoor" allergies, but will tend to use xyzal or zyrtec for pet allergies. Benedryl is effective, but makes me too drowsy.
  17. Work calls most of the day. The cat is napping.
  18. Kirby

    2 days

    This is exciting!!!
  19. According to this article, nothing changes.
  20. Kirby

    Safety Pants

    The Safety Dance video is so spectacularly early 80's, it's hard to parody.
  21. Especially nice of him to do it after being in a car accident. I'm sure it's easy to be distracted by your own problems and not notice or help someone else.
  22. I think I would have built the shed attached to the house!
  23. Awww, please give Paulie a treat from his Aunt Kirby, and a hug. And my cat says Paulie has it pretty nice at home and he's smart for not wanting to leave. It could be a trick!
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