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What kind of sex is best?


What kind of sex is best?  

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  1. 1. What kind of sex is best?

    • Illegal sex
    • Public sex
    • Corpse sex
    • Painful sex
    • Cheap sex
    • No foreplay, just banging sex

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  1.  Illegal sex
  2.  Public sex
  3.  Corpse sex
  4.  Painful sex
  5.  Cheap sex
  6.  No foreplay, just banging sex

Illegal sex: If I knew what it was and could get away with it, yeah baby!


Public sex: Heeel yeah, nuttin' like some fwy BJ. I like doing it in a car once in a while. We used to drive to a dark street and just do it like Nike! Few parking lots!


Corpse sex: would do nuttin' fer me.


Painful sex: If it's me inflicting the pain, yeah!


Cheap sex: as much as I can!


No foreplay just banging sex: That would be Gina. I like to be held and caressed first. She's more the type to say "quit playing around and get it on!".



Ain't no best, it's all good...except corpse sex.

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