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The Tank is looking good!!


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So I took the Tank to my friend Steve to look at..I mean Ian keeps his bikes up...but with his vision issues..I wanted someone else to check it out.  ALso after getting so greasy when I picked it up to put it on the rack...I took a closer look at its cleaning needs..

Steve washed it twice :whistle: We also cleaned the chain and lubed it...he did a nice job cleaning the brakes and he stole the pedals off his wife's bike so I had 2 sided flat pedal to run...He checked out the rear wheel...and even asked a friend about it..the tire is seated a bit funny and wobbles a little..not as much as it did when I brought it to him.   Anyway...all is good to go...I just need to ride it more and more and then he will look it over before I leave for the Great Adventure...

It is good to have friends....then again I gave him the Park Tool torque wrench sets I got a couple years ago with the colonago bike deal...So he made out...he will probably end up with some tools as well...

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