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Sunday Milers.......1/8/17

Mr. Beanz

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46 miles @ 17.9 MPH average speed. Mike and Joaquin rode yesterday so they wanted to hold the pace down today. I didn't ride so I was game for whatever our legs could do. I thought it was funny though. About a month ago I did a solo 50 miler on Saturday, then rode with the same guys on Sunday. Knowing I did miles the previous days, they didn't care and they tried to rip my legs off. Just to show them what a team player I am, I went with the plan today. We actually took it pretty easy until 2 miles from the coast heading South. Once we were there, it seemed we had a pretty good average so we did pick it up a bit on the return. I figured I was the freshest out of the 3 so I pulled 5 of the 12 mile return leg. The other guys then rotated once then I ended up at the front for the last mile pushing pretty good trying to hit the 18 average. Didn't work though and I was happy with the ride. It was nice to be the fresh guy for once and take it easy! I was once all night till 4 am cooking tamales so I was a bit short on sleep today. Didn't feel it till the ride was over though ha ha!


Did see a few friends heading the opposite direction. Oh yeah, and a set of boobs! That's Winter in Southern California!






Sometimes I think the shadows look cooler than the riders! :D




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