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Iron Nun: Sister Madonna Buder as triathlete, marathoner


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She is 1 incredible woman/person:  http://myedmondsnews.com/2017/09/active-aging-attitude-87-year-old-iron-nun-visits-edmonds/  Well known among women who do marathons/running a lot.

Nike has featured her as an athlete role model.

I'm not suggesting anyone needs to work out that hard. Just an enjoyable, frequent exercise is always  a good thing.

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It's rather interesting to see how other experienced sports ethusiasists (do we call ourselves atheletes?  I don't.) in their 70's and onward react to such stories.  One woman who was a strong Vancouver cycling advocate for 15 yrs., also cycle-toured/camped on her own from Vancouver to Newfoundland when she was 65 yrs., felt that these type of stories might over-emphasize the health thing from a momumental effort perspective that is not a realistic benchmark.  I had lunch with her this past summer in Vancouver:  she has a heart murmur problem, had eye surgery and some neck pains.  Unfortunately she longer can cycle.  She is 80 yrs.  But she walks lots and takes transit. She finds it amusing to listen to other friends in her age bracket, talk for ages and bitch about rearranging their life to take transit....which in knowing where they live, she finds just ridiculous.  "Old" is attitude and not learning to make lifestyle changes gracefully.

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