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Parking lot work is driving me crazy...


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Leaving home at 6:45 AM (and watching a good 30 minutes of LeTour) but according to the notice we should be able to get into our garage or parking lot by 5 PM...Now I missed 3 days last week..but for the 3 days I have been coming home to this mess...it has been after 5 all the time..last night I parked on the street in the rain got home at 5:50...tonight it was 6:10 when I got home...Just put my car in the garage about 5 minutes ago... :rolleyes:   It wouldn't be so bad...if they had said you won't be able to return until 6 PM with the original notice...at least you would expect it...but dang I just want to come home and be done with stuff after work...especially since I start earlier...


They do say they will put the asphalt down on Monday...we shall see.

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