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  1. ..and you are her security detail..
  2. We still have an opening for "court jester".
  3. Good lord, that kid looks like someone stole her youth!
  4. You sir, are an eco-disaster! How dare you!
  5. My Lynskey is a lottery bike from a magazine cancer fundraiser. I did not win it but the fellow that did was too big for the frame. He contacted Lynskey who said he could get a new frame at cost. I paid for the one that didn't fit him for the "cost" price of $380. Here it is as spec'd by Speedgoat. Of course, we stripped it and rebuilt it with my components.
  6. Ricky Gervais needs to beat some sense into that boy. Why do American women keep trying to trash the royal family. Just leave them alone...
  7. You should be impeached.. Do we have that here?
  8. Mechanical heart valves require an INR of just under 3.0 thus Coumadin and blood tests to confirm that INR.
  9. He considers cruising in the lake boat work.
  10. I think it is an honour AWWC bestowed upon him.
  11. Everything is for sale for the right price.
  12. Now you have to get a phone with face recognition!
  13. He is a multi-award winning symphonic French Horn player and conductor who now travels the world as a guest conductor. He was also our high school valedictorian who was in our Monty Python skit theatre in school. An accomplished gentleman.
  14. Wilbur

    Stocks soaring

    Wait until the cause of the plane crash is determined.
  15. That letter is so old it was written when Captains made less than doctors but more than CEO's. Times have changed.
  16. I normally get dress shirts laundered. It saves a lot of time and at $1 a piece, it is tolerable. I made a comment to my wife when we were newlyweds on how my uniform shirts had to be pressed. That was the last shirt she ironed for me. Dress shirts here run $100. I have one shirt I bought in Italy for 450 euros. It was worth every euro penny. Being a dandy like Cheese in Italy, would be very expensive.
  17. It used to be a fun place to anchor for a few days. I am hoping it still is although I have friends whose boat was damaged twice by live aboard boats that were dragging anchor. Old boats have become popular living spaces in Vancouver.
  18. I find electrolytes help with workout wooziness.
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