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  1. Do you play an instrument?

    I played a kazoo a couple of times as a kid.
  2. Tripod?

    Mr. Tayto recommends...........
  3. Centenarian Bounty

    The artist I was talking to today got me thinking about the money I'll be getting when I'm 100. One of his ink sketches was a kind of life progression cartoon where the character starts with getting his nappy (diaper) changed and ends on his 100th birthday getting a cheque for €1500. I commented that it might be €2,000 by the time I get to collect mine. Just checked online and apparently he got it wrong, it's in fact €2,540. http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/social_welfare/social_welfare_payments/older_and_retired_people/centenarians_bounty.html Anyone else due for a payment?
  4. 9/21 last day of summer miles & such

    38 kilometres, sunny but chilly.
  5. UCI President ousted

    Briton Brian Cookson loses out to France's David Lappartient in a humiliating defeat. I suspect we haven't heard the last of this.
  6. Tis

    On my cycle today met this guy selling his art on the pier. Asked him about 'Tis' and he said he was telling his wife that people would ask "is it dis or dat?" and she told him to just say 'Tis', pronounced Tiz. They are in ink on thick watercolour paper and he's selling small unframed ones for €15 (2 for €25). I didn't ask how much the large framed ones were. https://mytisart.tumblr.com/
  7. You got snow in September?
  8. Vietnam....

    I prefer George Burns.
  9. Vietnam....

    Anything about how yellower it got?
  10. The Sinner TV show

    TV is evil.
  11. Vietnam....

    I will probably finish it in about two weeks and doubt I will re-read it. The Vietnam War only featured remotely in my consciousness growing up. I remember a friend who was surprised in the 70s visiting UCLA or some other college at the number of guys in wheelchairs etc. till he realised it was the legacy of the war. Later another friend, a Marxist, took a sabbatical in the '80s to live for a year in 'post-colonial' Vietnam ended up marrying a local from the North, the daughter of a police chief, something he later regretted. She tried to take him to the cleaners but thanks to the common sense of a judge here she didn't quite succeed.
  12. Vietnam....

    Been reading film critic David Thomson's review in the London Review of Books. https://www.lrb.co.uk/v39/n18/david-thomson/merely-an-empire I'm still working my way through 'Hanoi's War'.
  13. Fastball VS toe

  14. Pouring money into the water

    I blame Wilbur and his ilk.
  15. Are we experiencing "End Times"?

    You don't believe all that 'end times' crap? The main news here this morning is not hurricanes, earthquakes, fires or Lake Superior feeling inferior. it's the death of veteran Irish sports commentator Jimmy (the memory man) Magee at age 82. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Magee