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  1. Think it's time I moved on

    According to my profile I've been here since September 8th 2016, I thought it was longer but there you go. Been a couple of things happening in the background here the last few days that has me thinking that it's a good idea I bow out. Before I leave I'd just like to say thanks to all those who have been nice to me over the year especially all the ladies here. I have deep respect for SW and am grateful to him for providing such a super website and welcoming me here. Thanks
  2. I'm running away

    The Circus has arrived, they're setting up and there's a definite American theme about it. The Cheatles are a Beatles tribute band and have nothing to do with the circus. Think it's nothing to do with 'The Cheatles' either.
  3. Are you above average?

    Fact #519
  4. Praise be to God, Allah and St. Francis of Assisi

    Was he bunny hopping?
  5. Up The Dubs

    No, I don't like crowds.
  6. Up The Dubs

    Dublin ladies win All Ireland Ladies Gaelic Football Final also against Mayo. Attendance 46,280.
  7. September 24 miles & such

    A couple of miles to a street market and back. Bought a French corkscrew for €5 and a 1930s catalogue €1 for this Paris department store They were looking for €80 for this bike, I didn't buy it. Liked the leather frame bag. Had a Brooks saddle. Probably a stolen bike
  8. Four UCI world records. I watched it happen.

    I've posted the result of the men's elite road race in spoilers. Don't look if you don't want to know.
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  10. Thought about some of you last night.

    Looks like a cool bit of Americana. I'd have no problem sharing. You might find me wandering the corridor in my jocks around 3am.
  11. How 'bout I bake pies with Alice while you guys go cycling in the forest?
  12. Saturday Night Date Night

    Right now I've a date with my bed, it's been a long day.
  13. Some of my first cousins. Great women.