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  1. Men like things cheap and easy. Wimmin are difficult and expensive.

    Wimmin are worth it, men are cheapskates.
  2. What is the deal with fitbit

    Walking is pleasurable, sociable and mentally stimulating, whereas 'exercise walking' is masochistic, unsociable and mind-numbing.
  3. Can Dogs Tell Time?

    Woof Woof.
  4. Embedding Images

    Anyone caught embezzling my image will have to answer to Mr Tayto.
  5. Embedding Images

    What happened to the clear post option?
  6. People are unrealistic and mean on Trip advisor

    I read TripAdvisor and have even left a couple of reviews (all good) but put more value on the totality and expect a few nasties.
  7. Yikes Lay Off the Donuts!

    I eat the hole.
  8. At the grocery store

    Either a basket or a small trolley. What's 'the rascal'? Don't tell me you guys drive some kind of golf cart round the supermarket.
  9. Dunkirk film review

    Yes, Goering had a habit of promising more than he delivered. If you read Churchill's "We will fight them on the beaches.." speech which he gave in the British Parliament on the day the operation ended, 4th June 1940, he makes a thing of how the RAF overcame the Luftwaffe in it's mission of preventing the evacuation.
  10. Dunkirk film review

    There's some controversy over why the Germans halted their Panzers but one has to remember that while they had broken through the main line of defence and were on the way to victory the French Army hadn't yet capitulated. They concluded the British were cornered, something the British wouldn't have disagreed with as the best estimates among senior officers were that at most thirty to forty thousand men could be saved, therefore the Germans decided to spend three days regrouping and securing supplies. You should go and see it on your own as I don't think a small screen will do it justice. I saw it in 35mm film, there is also apparently a 70mm version.
  11. Dunkirk film review

    Just been to see it. Powerful film with great cinematography. Film score and action scenes cutting from different elements, air dogfights to ground forces being bombed and strafed, maintains the tension with a limited amount of dialogue. Historically it is very accurate but perhaps the RAF planes were shown flying lower than they actually did. It does give some credit to the French army fighting to hold the perimeter of Dunkirk in a scene at the start. One thing that did bother me is that in two separate scenes cranes, presumably in the port, are in the background that don't seem to be in period. Anyway this is a minor quibble and if you like war films you should go and see it. Not quite as good as Das Boot but nearly.
  12. We be all modern and stuff

    Is this what it feels like to snort cocaine?
  13. We be all modern and stuff

    It's all green. Is this in my honour?
  14. Baywatch Bull

    Don't worry I bet deh b'jassus outa him.
  15. Which ride tracking app should I use?

    I've got a Garmin etrex 20 loaded with European maps that sits in a box. Biggest waste of money ever. More trouble than it's worth. Recently looked into getting a smartphone (yes I only have a dumb one) for navigation but it's too complicated and having to re-charge every day is a pain. Instead have downloaded Maps.me app and Irish maps to my Nexus 7 which I will carry turned off for use in emergencies. If I go to Portugal and Spain, which is a possibility later in the year, I can download those maps before I go.