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  1. Not sure if you are close to any of the "Shroom Blooms" from the rains boosting the mushrooms in CA: https://www.afar.com/magazine/the-essential-guide-to-californias-super-shroom
  2. Hey - that fancy Mazda ain't gonna wash itself - every weekend - now will it???
  3. Well, that you remember. I hear there is one made from jellyfish that can help with that.
  4. I regularly watch Cycle Around Japan episodes. The riders are usually foreigners fluent in Japanese, so they make it look super easy. However, there seem to be tons and tons of places to ride and see there.
  5. I'm just not sure what I would do with a bike when I GOT to the airport with it. I've traveled with my bike, but in that case it was in a Trico bike case - disassembled and protected from the long trip in the cargo hold. If I had ridden the bike to/from the airport, I'd be challenged sorting out what to do with the case.
  6. Sure that's not your iPhone reminding you to take some more meds? That's probably buzzing off and on all day, eh?
  7. It is a heck of a good question. Certainly fewer students were "educated" back then (percentage wise), and what they taught was certainly different in many ways as well, and not readily comparable across multiple counties/states/nations like it might be today. Remember when "graduating high school" was a big event as many folks never graduated? Then it became graduating college and all the "first in my family to go" or later "first to graduate from college" as well as women moving into the ranks of graduates - both HS and college - until now being by far the larger percentage of graduates. It's evolved a lot in 100 years. I'd love to hear a good way to compare the apples of now to the oranges of then.
  8. They give maybe a 10,000' view of several folks - usually a mix and match of savings/retirement acct balances, and income amounts (like SS or pensions) vs spending habits. I think Mosey's no debt is the one that really wins for ANY moderate to higher retirement saver.
  9. I think they finally made some improvements to the Newark terminal. Used to be a really tough airport. But convenient for my Jersey peeps, so doable for me in a pinch (like Philly) as I could have one of them drop me at the airport and maybe watch the pup as well. A fun challenge for sure. All I ever hear from my sister is how tough Erie is as a starting point for flights. She seems to spend an inordinate amount of time driving to other bigger airports and it seems like a royal PITA. On the flip side, the Florida/Hawaii idea sounds good!
  10. FIFY. But, yeah, Donk's one of those folks you need to pay attention to.
  11. I'm sort of locked into United because of their hub here at IAD. It's pretty good overall with lots of direct flights to places I go, but it also...means I'm always on United. For years we were big on American, but they offer less options for direct flights, so we rarely fly them anymore. Delta, which is generally rated higher, is even tougher for us as an option. How about you? Good hub nearby? And happy with the airline(s) to choose from?
  12. That MIGHT, and I mean might, be quick enough to keep @donkpow from getting the upper hand. But I am not betting that it is!
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