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Anyone want to go to Bristol next weekend


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I have an extra ticket for the Friday night Nationwide race and for the Saturday night cup race. We had planned to take my father as an 80th birthday gift. He has had some back problems for the last few months, bone spurs pushing on his spine. He fell last week and ended up breaking a couple ribs along with getting pretty bruised up.needless to say,he can't make the trip.

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Do we get to almost fight the Vicious Chicken of Bristol if we go?


P.S.  Sorry about your Dad.  Mine had surgery for spinal stenosis a decade back, and had some one-in-a-million complications midway through (sorted now) and a year and a half back, got a viral infection in his spine leading to extreme, excruciating pain (and as he has the pain tolerance of a bull elephant, that's saying something).  I remember what some of that was like; it isn't fun. 


Prayers for healing.

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Wow.  Sorry about your dad.  My sister bought me tickets, even after I told her it's too far for me to travel, even though she lives 8 miles from me, I still won't go.  So, make dad comfortable next weekend, tune the TV to the race, and let him at least enjoy it from afar.    :)

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