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Why is there so much talk of killing on the forum today?


Go to solution Solved by AirwickWithCheese,

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If I wanted to insult you, or mock your fucked up religious/political beliefs, I do it right to your face.

yea, you gotta point there


I figured it was your puppet because you're a big fan of Jerry's

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It pisses me of that whoever created the sock, did so knowing others would assume it's me.


SW should just ID who keeps creating the socks.


It's not that easy.


A less savvy person might have registered from a PC they've used before.  Most of these are created using a different IP.  I can't tell who created them.

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And I was hoping to get in on some action in Ferguson.......

Appears over and I have vaca time, just saying.

 not even....they still have to come back from the Grand Jury with no indictment of the police officer like what happened with Rodney King.


this is just getting started


remember...its a long way to November and Obammy needs to energize his base now that we're going back to war

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