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JRT pics for Cheesy Guy and other JRT lovers

Philander Seabury

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Awww, you have to love a terrier because they are always thinking up their next adventure.

Yep, its like the poodles. You don't get the full effect unless you have more then one. Its like they egg each other on.

Nena: "I double dog dare you to pull mom's scarecrow decoration down and leave it by the front door so she trips over it when she get home." :P  

Scooter: "You do it. I don't have time, I need to empty the bathroom trash cans and spread it throughout the house. Mom loves that." :unsure:

Missy: [shaking her head].  "Poodles". :rolleyes:

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You know me as the Airedale lady but my parents breed standard poodles.  It is true they are smart, but they can definitely use their intelligence for evil!  Eddie used to systematically remove the place mats from the table and put them in a neat stack.  Then he would rest his head on them.  Not ne or two but all 8- apparently made the best pillow.

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