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I'm going to put "eye drop imstaller" on my resume

F_in Ray Of Sunshine

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So, tell us how Zoe is doing>?  I'm glad you are taking care of her but how is she?

She has a wart-like growth on her eyelid. What I didn't realize was that it has grown underneath the lid and irritates her cornea every time she blinks. When the cornea started to get opaque, I noticed it. They've got me giving her steroid drops once a day and antibiotic drops once a day. I'm also supposed to do eye lube as often as possible, but since we're not home all day, that's hit-and-miss.

It's cleared up a lot, but the vet extended the drops for another three weeks because it's still there. 

So the eye is getting better, but I may kill her because she's being a major pain in the ass lately.

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Poor Zoe, is she actually more of a pain than normal?  Isn't she just Zoe, Queen of all she sees?

More of a PITA than usual. Drama over beds every night, wanting to go out all the time, not listening (her hearing is fine) and yesterday's trick was random barks about every 15 minutes for no reason.


But TK put it in proper perspective this morning.

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