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Nike+ is down


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Down for maintenance.  And have been for at least twelve hours now, beyond the scheduled maintenance period.

I have a run on my iPod just waiting to be uploaded.  I'm drumming my fingers in impatience, wanting to add to my total.

My OCD is totally letting a first-world problem annoy me.

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Garmin is the keeper of all my data. 

I like Garmin.  However, being GPS-based, Garmin isn't of use if I go to a treadmill at the gym.  Nike will work for me either way (note:  I don't use their shoes, I just use a pouch for the sensor).

It is a little less accurate for real outdoor runs than Garmin, but I'll live with that.  It also works with my old but serviceable iPod nano third-gen.


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Down for the better part of three days now.

I needs my graphs and stats.  On the other hand, I am very, very thankful I am not on their IT team.  Whatever is going on behind the scenes must be incredibly stressful.

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