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I tried.....


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I decided to give the 1/2 sister a try on Facebook...

Yeah well....we have absolutely nothing in common and several things poles apart....after 3 hours...I decided it wan't something I wanted to pursue.....  Obviously, raised very differently.....

But hey I gave it a shot....

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17 minutes ago, az_cyclist said:

it is all you can do, petite

If you look at just the differences, you feel them more acutely.  Even people who are fundamentally different often have more of those common things than differences.  I bet she likes pizza, for instance.  I feel it is a wonderful skill to see the good in people that others may have missed, you can always try and find it.

She is a tie to something, and a bit of a mystery.  I think it is fine that she reached out, you might one day want to have a beer with her, or there might be a family reunion or somesuch.  I see benefits, however slight or non-existent they feel at the moment..

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My new half family is much closer in age to me than she is to you. We're still in the discovery phase, but things are interesting.

In a strange twist of fate, my new half family is closer in age to me than my old half family.

In another twist, each half family's second oldest brother died from self-inflicted lifestyle choices.

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