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Maryland Snow - could have been worse


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The dots contrasted against the tree are big snowflakes, it's coming down heavy. The sky is lightening-up but the TV news says another heavy band of snow is coming. We're told it will turn to rain overnight.


My "vortex blue" (like Polar Vortex?) Honda Fit - not much to dig out if necessary: rain and 50F tomorrow.


It could be worse: here's my car on Jan. 23, 2016 in the same spot but looking N instead of the above pic's W.  We've been incredibly lucky with very little snow and no serious shoveling needed since then, today being the heaviest snow in 3 years!



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The Maryland Department of Transportation has a new app that tracks where the State's snow plows are - supposedly helpful if you have to drive since you can see what's been most recently plowed.  I think each plow is represented by at least a few dots.  Anyway, I live where the arrow sticks out on the left side of the "Winter Storm Warning" window and no plows are nearby - there's a state road 1 block from my house. The County has been slow to get to my streets but I have no need to drive anywhere.



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1 minute ago, Razors Edge said:

Aren't they more the weather readers? Like the news people who read the news, they read some weather report.

Yeah but they have 4 years of higher education when they were reading books in between getting drunk all the time.

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