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Plans are coming together for my Vacation...in September


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Hey....I won't talk about it as much as the Cape Town Trip or buying a car...but hey this is big time for me!!


Looks like I will leave here Thursday afternoon...Aug 28th....with a stop at the Midwest Tandem convention..then head East Sunday August 31st.....With at ETA at SusieQ's sometime on Labor Day...(hopefully...by 1 or 2 PM to miss some of the crazy holiday weekend traffic)... Overnight at Scooters :D still not sure about Indiana :rolleyes:  Maybe an overnight at LongJohns :D and then on to NY.................

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I'm in Washington to see my folks that week.


So I'll just assume that is why Nateland wasn't on your itinerary


I mean,....you probably didn't even see the 60 minutes report on all the safety violations in our new "water park", right?

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