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Dog Beach!


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I've been looking for a change-of-pace from the 2 parks where I usually walk Jake the Golden Doodle.  I have a lifetime Senior pass ($40), that applies to everyone in the vehicle I'm in, to all 4 pay-to-enter county parks in our county and found out there's now a dog beach in pay-to-enter Downs Memorial Park, 1/2 hour from my home, where you can unleash your dog and go for a swim in the Chesapeake Bay.  The swim would be in June at the earliest but but I'm going to scout it out next week with Jake.  That also means hosing him off really well in the back yard after swimming to get the salt from the saltwater off of him, but it looks like the fun is worth it - and since it's free, I'm sure to take a couple more people and maybe another dog with us.

Located off the perimeter trail in Downs Memorial Park, the Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach is a fantastic place for new dogs to learn to swim or veteran canine swimmers to enjoy some time in the water. Once you and your dog are done with the water fun, leash your pup up for a walk on the more than 5 miles of trails through the park.

o.thumb.jpg.923dc4a43f9ede3b55c945c1fc1b13ae.jpg  image_.jpg.61d721e32cb83cc81f41e0cf2bd836df.jpg 

SAM_3325.JPG.e18e6599ffbdf3f36c6d7ae5ea97b8d4.JPG  index.jpg.ea255136b1e3455f4efdde1309927d95.jpg

I've cycled the trails there several times, but the trail turns and intersects so frequently through hard-to-see-ahead thick woods that it's a very slow ride and not a preferred cycling place. So I haven't been there for a few years. Here's my nephew Adam in 2012 when he was 4 and a little scared to look at the Peregrine Falcon Exhibit there: "Hey, uncle Mick, let's take the other trail!":




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We have a dog beach nearby we take jack too. He’s not a water dog but enjoys roaming off leash.  Just be sure Jake is good with voice commands as it’s a completely different ball game when they can roam freely.  

I have seen dogs bolt once off leash and the owners are chasing them all over the beach...

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