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  1. 36 miles in Teton Park. 39-51 degrees, 0-15 mph winds, sunny. Next weekend is looking even better, at least at present.
  2. 40 miles, West Yellowstone to Gibbon Falls and back. 41-51 degrees, sunny, 5-35 mph winds
  3. The shipping cost is high because you want it to arrive unbroken, so it has to be packaged so the shipping gorillas cannot damage it easily.
  4. https://www.pbs.org/video/antiques-roadshow-appraisal-louis-comfort-tiffany-lamp-rose-helmut-sha/
  5. And it does not even cost what a real Tiffany shade would cost you.
  6. https://www.tiffanylightingdirect.co.uk/collections/tiffany-shades/dorchester-tiffany-lighting-range https://arc-led.co.uk/129-shades https://www.amazon.com/Tiffany-Style-Pendant-lampshade-tiffanyhouse/dp/B076J89DSQ
  7. I heard about that crash. Sorry, D.P.
  8. 56 miles, West Yellowstone to Norris and back. 39 to 61 degrees, mostly sunny, tailwind on the way out, the usual headwinds on the way back (15-25 mph with higher gusts in some areas, 5-15 mph in other areas). There were more bikers on the road than I have ever seen before, and more of them were recreational cyclists rather than the hard core racer types that were training for LoToJa.
  9. Those containers are heavy duty steel. The dings yours has show how most crane operators handle them. Top crane operators make some big money.
  10. Facebook has been hacked more times than Lizzie Borden's parents.
  11. 34 miles, 66-71 degrees, 10-20 mph winds, sunny
  12. jdc2000


    Now the contractors are free to work on the D.H. estate.
  13. Winds in my area on Monday were 45-55 mph sustained. Highest gust was 83 mph.
  14. What happened to the luck of the Irish?
  15. zip-tie a weight to the softener balls.
  16. Ships of that size that are going to be sing the Suez Canal should be required to have bow and stern thrusters to help prevent that sort of problem.
  17. That is what those vent openings are for - service calls to the repair man. It might be time for some stainless steel screen-door type screen to be fitted behind those openings to prevent another occurrence.
  18. You have an extremely diverse selection of idiots in your area. Actually, most areas have an extremely diverse selection of idiots.
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