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  1. Not sure.... possibly @Philander Seabury got a new cat.
  2. That is the one thing I really LIKE about WoBG's iPhone XR. But that's not enough for me to upgrade from my old Galaxy S7.
  3. Most times that can be worse. Heavy wet snow is not generally good for traction. And the first snow... people forget how to drive and suddenly learn again, when they slide off of the road.
  4. Yeah WoBG's phone was updated to 15.1 a few days ago. I still have no idea what changed... I never use her phone. I know how to use my Galaxy S7, and that works just fine for me.
  5. I agree with Dr Seuss... Over the years WoBG and I have had 7 dogs live with us (5 have passed). Yeah it's tough, but I remember all of them for the good times we (the dogs and us) shared together. The last dog we adopted was 12 when we arrived at our home (Parker a Jack Russel). On 12/12/21 he will have lived with us for 2 years, and he will be 14. Sure he's old, he can't hear very well, and now he had no teeth. Yeah we have a dog with no teeth... he had about 4 teeth when we got him. He lost them about 5 months ago, they were in BAD shape, and they were starting to get infections. But he just LOVES to go for daily walks. And when he meets other dogs, he just goes nuts... yeah he hates other dogs. Makes you wonder what happened during his first 12 years. But that's what makes him sooooo unique. WoBG and I love him. Sure some day he will pass too. But in the meantime, Parker will have a good place to live and his daily walks. Within 1 to 3 months after a dog passes, we end up with a new rescue dog. Somehow they find a way to our home. And new memories start...
  6. That was exactly my thought.. If we moved to a place where WoBG would know very few people, and I'd leave her for a 200 days a year... I'd soon be living there alone. She'd hate me for that. WoBG would be bored out of her mind. Loves the winters here and her friends etc... Then adding medical reasons too... I'd never move there. I'd say thanks... but no thanks.
  7. That's sooooo sad to hear. Hoping for the best for you and your dog. We have been dog people since 1984... they become part of the family.
  8. 29 years... Wow.... I didn't realize it was THAT bad. I guess the nuns with their rulers we had in school in the 60s would be in jail for that behavior now. I survived cars with out seatbelts, nuns with rulers, smoking indoors just about anywhere (I never smoked myself) and I actually passed each grade and made it thru engineering at college. I taught only one after hours class for engineers at my job. I was GLAD I could quit teaching after that class. It was NOT work the money for the extra effort I had to do to be able to teach. We have become soooo PC it is scary how things have progressed digressed... I hate to say it... but the first thing I thought of was 'toughen up buttercup'.... but I'm just an old bastard who has probably forgotten how difficult it was to be young.
  9. I knew giving out participation awards for sports was a bad idea. Talking to a friend who teaches in elementary school a while ago, that seems to be 'normal' for schools now too. It appears it's nearly impossible to flunk a kid, they just get advanced to the next grade. But they probably know their pronouns.
  10. I have tomorrow off and ALL the other days off too.
  11. Prayers sent...
  12. We have a large plastic cup that we fill with change. Since I don't use cash much, it takes a loooong time to fill up the cup. I just too the cup to the bank a few days ago and $49 was deposited into my checking account.
  13. I do it the other way. 99.9% credit then the rest cash. If I need cash I use my debit card at an ATM for my bank. That's the only place I use my debit card. I don't like the idea of using a debit card because it's linked to my money. I know there are some liability limits if it's lost or stolen, but I just don't want to deal with any issues. I'd rather let the credit card company fight for their money. I seldom use cash... that's the 0.1% usage. The credit card gives me cash back. And it's 100% paid each month, so zero interest and the account has zero annual fee.
  14. Does the farm come with any equipment (tractors, mower, backhoe to dig out tree stumps, etc...)? If you would need that stuff and they don't sell it with the farm, it could get expensive (assuming you can find the stuff to buy) rather fast. Than again... it appears you want to do this... so get off of the fence and go for it.
  15. Just wait a week more between the times you mow... you can see the difference then. Yeah... I don't like to mow late in the day, just because it is more difficult for me to see where I just mowed in some parts of the yard. The eye doc tells me it will be about 3 to 4 years before I will need my Cadillac’s removed.
  16. Bikeguy

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    One tip I read somewhere.. you should always close the outside air duct before you turn off the car, by selecting recirculating the inside cabin air. That closes off at least most of the duct that is used to enter the car via the hv/ac system. Do I remember to do that.... not very often.
  17. I'm glad I retired 4 years ago...
  18. Is it still? Probably when the person identifies as him.
  19. Bikeguy

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    Back in 2018 my 2016 Prius that was parked outside (also in a wooded area) also had mice in the cabin air filter. I inspect and change those myself. One day.. OMG how did the heat/air/vent even work? I went to the hardware store and purchased a hose small enough to get into the duct system, and large enough to work when duct taped to my shop vac. I removed the blower motor, which was reactively easy, but I don't want to do that again any time soon. The nest was above the cabin air filter, I was just afraid the stuff fell down into the blower, ducts, etc... when I removed the filter. What a pain..... Now the car is inside a garage. That hopefully won't happen again. We still live in a wooded area.. time will tell. 73K on my Prius. So far, oil changes, tire rotations, new wipers blades from time to time, one set of new tires, air filters, and cabin air filters. At 100K the coolant in the inverter need to be changed, and probably the spark plugs. Brakes will last 150+K miles. Regenerative braking makes the real brakes last a long time.
  20. If I do live to 105... I sure hope I can run 100 yards too.
  21. Before I mow... I go thru my short check list to be sure everything is good to go. I'm not going to kill my JD because I was didn't bother to understand how it works, etc... it cost to much to have it fail by self inflicted neglect. When I'm finished mowing, the leaf blower is the quickest way to clean all of the crap off of the mower deck, etc.. And about once a month it gets power washed after I removed the mower deck. (Removing and reinstalling the mower deck on my old JD is MUCH easier compared to the new JD. They made that soooo much more difficult. But I digress....) Sure... I'm a geek at heart... I even read thru the owner's manual after my JD was delivered to my home.
  22. Yes it is... too bad we don't make all of this stuff in the US anymore. It would already be here. Here is a real time tracker for ships. https://www.vesselfinder.com/
  23. We were considering a small green house. The things I found were, some kits didn't survive winds very well. Some died even faster if there was hail. The greenhouses that could survive this would cost WAY more than I was willing to pay. I gave up on the idea, the snow in the winter and the storms in the summer from time to time... I could be fixing the greenhouse a LOT. Or the cost would get very expensive quickly.
  24. WoBG and I walk our dogs every day. One place along the Ottawa River Trail recently mowed their grass. This is the result. Obviously the mower deck is nowhere near level. I'll guess it has dropped (disconnected, etc..) from one of the supports for the mower deck. I would have stopped mowing and fixed the mower deck. Some grass is not cut, and the other side is nearly scalped to the dirt.
  25. I drove my 93 Dodge Intrepid (a sibling of the Vision) for 251+K miles. it was indeed very good to me.
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