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F_in Ray Of Sunshine

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  1. ...and now you're posting? Romance is dead.
  2. 3.1, doing that unmentionable, evil thing.
  3. ....it was a bit like running on bubble wrap....🤢
  4. Me: "WTF???? Noooooo" <click> "Oh..."
  5. It was with great trepidation that I opened this. I was afraid "shearing the llama" was some sort of euphemism.
  6. Might be. I'm guessing it's an F-150, but there's no way to tell.
  7. Cool - literally. 😎 There's a road here that follows the bottom of a deep ravine. It's narrow and twisty and the trees form a vegetable tunnel. It's only open seasonally. About halfway up, there's a gate. It still said "closed" when I tried to go up it in May, a couple of years ago. All the snow elsewhere was long gone, so I said "Oh, that's stupid......I'm going up." I got to the gate (where there were several young men parked in an SUV, looking mighty guilty - 'It's ok boys, you can exhale, I know what you're up to...") and went around the end. I got about 50' up the road and around the first bend. Then I turned around and went back down. Yeah, there was still 3' of snow on the road.
  8. I thought it was going to come down like a lawn dart.
  9. It's not even Christmas!
  10. Liquid sky today. Did the indoor stuff I had planned just for this situation. Was hoping it would at least STOP raining, even if it didn't dry up, so I could work on my deck some more, but so far, no go.
  11. I used to work with an engineer from Scotland. He used to work at GE. One day, the guy who sat next to him wasn't there, and his phone was ringing. Typically, they would just let it go, but for some reason, he answered it. The guy on the other end had a Scottish accent. They sorted out that the guy he was looking for wasn't there, etc. Then the guy asked Jim where he was from. Jim said "Oh....a little town outside Glasgow...." The guy said "Which one? and he told him. "Me too!" Jim said at first, he thought the guy was FOS, but he knew the schoolteacher's name and other stuff that he would only know if he was telling the truth. A random impulse to answer a phone call and halfway around the world, he ends up talking to someone from his hometown.
  12. ....and now I have Blazing Saddles in my head: "Well, to tell a family secret, sir, my grandmother was Dutch...."
  13. Special plant food: Viagrow
  14. ....and deprive him of all the agitating and cogitating? You're mean.