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  1. ...I have had two favorite regular meetings in my lifetime. The first, when I worked fo' de gubb'mint, in the cotton fields of the Social Security Administration, was when the manager would call us all into the break room on a weekly basis, to explain how we needed to work harder to meet our paperwork production goals. thereby putting me and everyone else that worked there another hour behind on our paperwork production goals. The second, when I was working as the volunteer Saturday manager at the local bike co-op, was the monthly meeting. It was run in a "consensus meeting" fashion. Which meant that every fucking person in attendance felt some moral and ethical obligation to voice an opinion on everything that came up in the meeting. Whether they knew jack shit about what was going on seemed less important than that we hear from everyone. That eventually wears you down.
  2. No One


    ...the chicken turned out deliciously, as I knew it would. While I was cooking it, someone knocked on the door and wanted to buy my wife's old Toyota, which has been waiting for me to do something with it. So I sold that while I was cooking supper. And simultaneously my primer coat was still drying out back. So it has been a rich full day here in the Golden State. Speaking of primers, and painting, once you get a frame stripped of the old paint (the worst part of this whole endeavor), I have discovered that the best primers seem to be the self etching ones. But I can only find it in a dark grey, and to paint a bicycle in a metal-flake color and get a good, deep, reflective result, the color coat needs to go over a white base. So I now have pretty much gone over to priming with a self etching dark grey, then over-coating that in about a half an our (while it is still gassing off) with a standard white metal primer. This ensures a better bond between these two coats. Even though these bikes by Ron Cooper were originally painted in a sort of straight up apple red, this one has been repainted at least once, possibly twice, before. So I feel free to go with something a little more eye catching for the color coat. Also, the new two part epoxy clear coats give a magical depth and shine to a metal-flake color coat. I'll try to remember to post a photo when done. Like I said, a rich full day, with that bicycle just waiting for the pimp coat and decals.
  3. ...I tend to agree. If we were all venting our grievances regularly, what would we do on Festivus ? Such a policy would more or less render the holiday obsolete. So now besides the war on Christmas, we have the war on Festivus.
  4. No One

    Give peas a chance?

    ...if you do put peas in stew, they must be added at the very last minute, so they don't get mushy and overcooked. Adding them just about when you turn off the flame on the burner is about right. Mushy, overcooked peas are why people don't like peas.
  5. No One


    ...I am now roasting a pasture raised chicken that I bought on Sunday. It has been marinating in Amontillado, and is in a clay pot along with some carrots, and onion, and some potato wedges. I feel badly that the chicken had to die for this, but it will be a delicious feast. So I don't really feel all that badly. I already have soup plans for the stock it will produce in the roasting pan. We are definitely into the shorter days, cooler nights part of our year, even though it has yet to rain much.
  6. No One


    ....I forgot. You have to be able to pass @Randomguy drug testing while in the job market.
  7. No One


    ...why are so many people high this early in the day ?
  8. No One


    ...so here is my entertaining experience from the Home Depot parking lot. AS I was exiting the store, I noticed a HummVee parked in the handicapped spaces. I went over to inspect the situation, thinking it odd that a handicapped person needed that much ground clearance for their transportation. It had Oregon plates, and no handicapped permit. But I did not tell anyone because when you live in California, you assume there is something wrong with a person who would choose to live in Oregon under clouds and rain.
  9. No One


    ...thank you, Won Hong Lo.
  10. No One


    ...this whole "Always Wong" thing is racist.
  11. No One


    ...I have now run out of white primer, and need to go get more. I will doubtless have an amusing story from my excursion upon my return.
  12. No One


    ...I'm waiting for the primer to dry on my Ron Cooper bike repaint project, and thought I would drop by. I was in the neighborhood.
  13. No One

    The Russians are coming

    ...I thought this was going to be a porn thread.
  14. ...I needed a safe space to sit and drink my cocoa. Come to think of it, that's mostly what my attendance at work meetings consisted of.