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  1. Any update on the status of the dog?
  2. shotgun

    MPG at 80

    My Civic coupe got 45 mpg. The CR-V gets high 20s and the Edge gets low to mid 20s.
  3. shotgun

    December Photos

    It was 40 degrees this morning in SW Michigan, the Lake Michigan water temp is about 40 degrees also, and the wind was gusting to 25 mph.
  4. Ah, NO! I have skillz, but not for that.
  5. I feel much more comfortable during electrical storms, hail storms, or high winds inside my brick home than I do in a manufactured home! Then there is the issue of non-standard sized everything, such as doors which are hard to find. Cold floors suck too.
  6. shotgun

    December Photos

    My youngest grandchild.
  7. I used to watch it, but got tired of all the hype about banged up rusty crap. I've been to their shop in Iowa a couple times and was even there once when they were filming an episode.
  8. Two weeks ago, I made an appointment to get new tires put on the car. That same day, the battery gave out. Two days ago, the exhaust found a new exit...
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