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  1. shotgun

    Panic. Blizzard Coming!!!

    I'm planning to drive to Indy Sunday.
  2. shotgun

    January 2019 Photos

  3. shotgun

    January 2019 Photos

    I’ve got to keep a close eye on our puppy!
  4. shotgun

    January 2019 Photos

    They woke up, pooped, peed, ate breakfast, played hard, and napped with their human mommy.
  5. shotgun

    I would like some fresh dog pics, please.

    Maddie the Miniature Schnauzer.
  6. shotgun

    I would like some fresh dog pics, please.

    Right after he claimed his mommy's new throw.
  7. shotgun

    January 2019 Photos

    Maddie the Mini Schnauzer.
  8. shotgun


    I'm using it for my screen name.
  9. shotgun

    Another ailing dog... :(

    This makes two within six weeks. Miles is lost without them. My wife was already on the lookout for a Schnauzer pup after we said goodbye to Katie...
  10. shotgun

    Another ailing dog... :(

    Unfortunately, yes. We had to make a very difficult decision. Rest in Peace little Dexter. I hope there's snow in heaven for you to play in.
  11. shotgun

    Another ailing dog... :(

    He had been two two different vets at different offices. He was miserable.
  12. shotgun

    Another ailing dog... :(

    He couldn't walk today, or even stand on all four. He hasn't been able to control his bladder, to know it was full, or to release it. The vet did not offer much hope, other than the possibility of taking him to a neurologist for an MRI and surgery. And his problem still might not be correctable... She knows how much we love and care for our dogs, and do not want them to suffer.