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  1. 30 miles in Kalamazoo on the Bikes & Beers ride at Bell's Brewing. I'm in the middle with the red helmet and red tires.
  2. 4.3 miles cruising the neighborhood on the fatty.
  3. shotgun

    Damn Weiner

    My wife offered to dog sit a little Dachschund for a week. He belongs to our daughter's MIL, and we've seen him many times, but he had never been to our house before. He won't be invited back, either. Daughter claims he's never dropped a turd in her house, but she doesn't have other dogs there. AND, he's not neutered. He has a one track mind and won't leave Maddie alone. I used to like the little guy...
  4. 48 mile group ride at 17.7 avg., followed by a couple few Michigan craft beers.
  5. Weather, WeatherBug, Pandora, Arlo, multiple banking apps, Waze, Google, Instagram, Crosswords, Flickr, Facebook, Strava, Boomerang, Kindle, Stormradar, Amazon, Linksys, Kasa, Alexa, MyQ (garage door), Nextdoor, Safari, Yelp; to name a few.
  6. shotgun

    July photos

    Tuesday morning's ride to the big lake.
  7. Two miles inland from Lake Michigan. That’s one of those big lakes that some of you have heard about.
  8. I drove a Camaro SS rental in Spokane last year. I didn't have any problems driving it, but I got tired of the seat belt jabbing me in the kidney every time I slid down into the seat.
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