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  1. shotgun

    May Photos

    He's not really a Cubs fan. He's too young to know any better.
  2. 15 something on the Thursday night Pedals to Pints group ride.
  3. Every five weeks. The same chick has cut it for about 18 years.
  4. shotgun


    It was worse before I got there. A renter, yes. Not my property.
  5. shotgun


    I don’t understand how some people can live the way they do. Total wreck of an apartment. Rotting casserole shoved under the bed kind of putrid stench. Food spilled in the bed.
  6. It's $80 or 80 Dollars. Just sayin...
  7. I see what you did there.
  8. ...and if you do, punch him in the nut sack if he breaks it!!!
  9. Not a chance. It’s a very small town with nothing going on. Going to school there as one of the smallest boys in my class was not a good experience. I don’t miss most of the people there.
  10. My car is new and I get free oil changes. I gave up doing all that battery, alternator, exhaust, brake, ball joint, shocks, water pump, etc, bullshit years ago.
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