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  1. I have a small vault for my handguns, but my rifles and shotgun are "hidden" and not loaded.
  2. Thursday night group ride from the brewery, 24.99 miles including my ride there and back.
  3. 27 mile group ride to four different breweries, and in the rain for the last 6 miles. It was a great day!
  4. So sorry for your loss!
  5. shotgun

    A/C problem

    The new capacitor starts that fan motor up like a dream!
  6. shotgun

    A/C problem

    Capacitors are not self healing.
  7. shotgun

    A/C problem

    I woke up this morning and was lying in bed listening to the A/C compressor kick on for short periods. Sensing some ting wong, I looked out the window and discovered the fan was not running. I can give it a push start and it goes like hell. It appears to be a bad capacitor and Amazon should have one delivered to me tomorrow. I hope that fixes it, and that I don't electrocute myself during the replacement! The big question here, is why I wanted to say I was laying in bed, when I think the correct term was lying. Help.
  8. 40 miles on a windy Saturday morning group ride, followed by a smoked pork sandwich and a couple beers at the local watering hole.
  9. I had my heart set on a cheesy omelette this morning. Does anyone have a recipe for a no-egg omelette?
  10. You mean like this?
  11. My lot is about 130' x 150'. So, in the riding lawn mower world, I guess that qualifies as a smaller yard.
  12. I didn't wreck anything in the front yard. It takes a while to get the hang of driving them. Yep, it's got a cup holder and I put a bottle of ice water in it when I did the front yard. I got done so quick I didn't even need to take a drink.
  13. So, I got a Toro 32" zero turn with a rear bagger delivered today. That beats the shit out of walking behind a tired 21" personal pace!
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