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  1. I tried to do something more extreme but it broke the page so I reverted and stopped. My experiments are too dangerous for us mere mortals.
  2. Ugh, those dang logs that track my activity and only mine! Might as well continue with my pursuits, then!
  3. I hope I'm not the only one seeing my rainbows in the posts above. I spent a few whole seconds on that!
  4. .rainbow { text-align: center; text-decoration: underline; font-size: 32px; font-family: monospace; letter-spacing: 5px; animation: colorRotate 6s linear 0s infinite; } @keyframes colorRotate { from { color: #6666ff; } 10% { color: #0099ff; } 50% { color: #00ff00; } 75% { color: #ff3399; } 100% { color: #6666ff; } } I have no idea what you mean!
  5. I swear we've had this conversation before. I can make as many custom flags as I want, but once there's an update to the forum software it gets overwritten. I tried to prevent it from getting overwritten once and that broke things and SW got mad at me!
  6. WHO DARES SUMMON ME? Breaking and then fixing this site is my master plan. Then they'll have to like me at my review!
  7. I didn't even know that Walmart allows this. I thought it was just sometimes tolerated, but they specifically accept it? A mildly comforting thought if I ever go hobo and live out of my car, lol. You've inspired me!
  8. I am extremely jealous, it's been forever since I've had pancakes. Well, there goes my appetite. I had cereal. Sunday breakfast of lazy people!
  9. I don't get it either, we can be out of the loop together.
  10. I think you're looking in a mirror <3 You're the best, Aire! Hi! I'm gonna be working on the site tonight, exciting.
  11. Well, so much for my daily slowdown of the site. Now I can't sabotage it. Lol, I've been surviving. I hope the same can be said for you! And all the other lurkers out there
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