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  1. I think this person did the same thing:
  2. I like how your bus has six wheels.
  3. This trend is one I am happy to be a part of.
  4. That's a lot of 'if's! Also, I'm still in the basement, so... this must be another trick. EDIT: I'm keeping this post as a coupon next time there's downtime.
  5. Oops, I accidentally edited my profile picture to that. It should ACTUALLY be faster, but I welcome any imaginary speed as well. lol.
  6. Yeah, the site's performance on average is really the key metric, I'm realizing. Thanks for your kind words, SW definitely puts in a lot of his time toward trying to keep things smooth. I'm just happy to be able to help.
  7. Hey Everyone, Just finished some upgrades on the server in the hopes of speeding it up a bit. Does the site seem faster to any of you? Answers involving the placebo effect are welcomed.
  8. Cinnamon raisin toast is amazing, though. Sorry Kzoo.
  9. Yessssss. The Kool Kids Klub.
  10. Yeah who could imagine having a giant D as an avatar?!
  11. I say we revolt against RG and BRING BACK THE LETTERS! Just choose 'Remove My Profile Picture' in the settings to get a cool random-hue letter. This isn't a ploy to improve website speed by loading less images, that would be ridiculous.
  12. I'm noticing that! There's random categories of food gone from all the stores at once, it seems like. At one point it was flour, and the lastest is sodas and diet sodas specifically. I wonder if it's just hiccups in supply lines. Also, congrats.
  13. I'm totally going to "Umm, ACTUALLY" you just because I don't know much but I'm in love with history and the Greco-Roman world. The word 'zephyr' actually comes from 'Zephyros', the Greek god of the west wind, which was considered the gentlest wind. The warm west wind brought the spring season. Even today the name of the god means a warm and light breeze, which is cool. Er... warm. As for RedFacedWalrus, I think I was given the name by Page or Wilbur or RG. Can't believe it was five years ago. I'd like to think I'm a walrus at heart, though, despite being 5' 6'' and 125lbs. I need to exercise more, and then I'll be red-faced. We'll pretend that's where it came from! EDIT: I was curious so I looked back on my first post: I guess I made it up, I have no idea where it came from. I just changed it away from Danielle2. Dang, that's disappointing. But look at all those classic names posting on my welcome post!
  14. At least I'm not a pig. Look at how handsome this face is instead.
  15. I'm confused! That was my view too, I hope I conveyed that properly. Also it's a non-question that someone with kids experiences the hardships of life just as equal to hardships experienced by someone without kids. The issues are both just as valid and can be just as hard. Someone should never minimize a person's problems and think that just because they don't have kids-- or, replace 'kids' with any OPTIONAL large life responsibility here-- that because they don't do X or have Y their life is the easy road. That's not how it works. x) Unfortunately that downplaying happens more often than not by people who have chosen to weigh their life down with many responsibilities.
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