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Childhood memories

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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I had a pedal 'go cart' very similar to this one:




Our house sat atop a hill in a development, and I quickly grew tired of tamely pedaling around on the sidewalk and the street.  So I took to pedaling as fast as I could over the crest of the hill and zooming down the sidewalk to the intersection below.  When making the turn at the bottom to stay on the sidewalk got boring, I started jumping the curb into the street.  After a while a weld holding the steering rod to one of the front wheels broke.  I asked my Dad to fix it, because he could fix anything.  But he never did...


Many years later I found out why.  On that last trip down the hill when I jumped the curb and the weld broke, I was so busy trying to steer the cart I never noticed the car that just barely missed me.  My Dad happened to be out in the yard and he certainly didn't miss it  And he knew darn well if he welded the steering back together I'd be right back at it. 


It was fun while it lasted.  Soon after that I got a bike and forgot all about the pedal cart.

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I had a cart similar to that but it didn't have regular pedals it had pedals you push and then you pulled the handlebars back to return the pedals.  My parents called it an Irish Mail.  Supposedly the Irish mailmen used something similar to deliver mail.

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