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Low Music Vid View Counts (my singing or guitar?)

Mr. Beanz

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I mean look at this chick, she plays well and her singing is semi decent and her count is way the heck up there!


She gets 698,642 views and I get like 10!  :D


But I will say, I do have a lot less "thumbs down" than she does!  :4:





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Boobs Mr. Beanz, Boobs.


Your skills will never be spread as quickly through the intrerwebs as fast as boob.



That is so true! I don't play or sing nearly as well but even if I did, I wouldn't have that view count.  :D


BUT! If I were a chick, I'd have lots of view counts cause I'd be a little tramp! I'd probably even let a nipple slip here and there!  :wub:

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