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The 27th o' September


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You guys are amazing to me.  Two hours on the bike is about all I ever want to do.  I can't imagine riding for 4-6 hours.  bowdown.gif


I rode 24.5 miles at the Swamp.  Ran over a snake and got attacked by hordes of mosquitos.  Won't be going back there any time soon.   :(   

How am I supposed to "like" this post when you ran over a snake??!!  Poor guy was just out gettin' some sun.  Ah well, you were out on your bike, so I will "like."


What the heck was I don't last night that got me eaten up by mosquitoes??? Oh ya! I took my husband's cat for a walk. Came home and, dang, I was all eaten up on my lower legs!

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How am I supposed to "like" this post when you ran over a snake??!!  Poor guy was just out gettin' some sun.  


Believe me, I tried to avoid him.   :o   He was lying in the road motionless and I didn't see him until the last second, and then only because he started squirming.  I don't think I hurt him too much, though.  When I came back going the opposite direction, he was gone.

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Photos from Saturday's ride...... this is the old train station in Hopewell Borough, NJ.  Beautiful old building.  The last time I was here was a memorial service for a client I'd worked with for years, a really nice guy and a well-liked local councilman.  I didn't realize that the Community Room at this building had been named after him (apparently it was dedicated in June).  That was really nice to see - it was sort of a spur-of-the-moment idea to take the couple-block detour past this building and I'm really glad I did.







Heading north out of Hopewell is a road that's very popular for cycling, over "Sourland Mountain"  - saw a bunch of other riders out there.  First time I ever rode it myself - it might be a long time before I ride it again because there are almost no shoulders, car speeds are high and the road is in rough shape.  We are starting to get some color here.







Back to Lambertville, which has been a stop on many of my rides this summer (including water/Gatorade at Valparaiso's Deli).  Heading out of town I climbed the hill on a different street and found a cemetery with a great view.  I could imagine parking myself here for eternity.




The almost 42 miles on the day brings my YTD to 497.  The almost 2,400 feet of climbing was a high for 2014 - as I noted before I was gassed at the end.  For most of my rides this year I had a time constraint but this day I could have ridden for another hour, at least, if my body was open to the idea.  It wasn't.  I didn't sleep well the night before; without that excuse I'd probably see this ride as a setback.

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Smudge, you ride a Specialized Sirrus?  My daughter is looking at the base model of that bike - how do you like it?  She really liked it on a test ride.

I will say this: it's my second Sirrus. My first Sirrus was a left-over from 2005 that showed up in my LBS. It was leaning against a wall, and I said, "What's that?" with lust in my voice. I took a ride and instantly fell in love. I hadn't been on a "nice" bike in probably 15 years. It was a Sirrus Sport Disc.  I had seen a bunch of orange bikes this spring and was jonesin' for a new one. So I traded in the 2005 and got the 2014. Again, disc brakes which I love.


I've always enjoyed riding my Sirrus bikes. They are fairly fast and nimble for a straight bar bike. Comfortable in that you can generally feel confident on it. I just wish Specialized would pull their heads out of their azz and go back to making the XS frame; some of us still need that!!  Anyway, I love the Sirrus bikes; I call them my knockin' around bikes. They get me to the store, my mom's house, or out for a 30 mile ride.  It's the bike I'll pack and ship to NY when I take my trip in May.  My daughter has a Vita (the sister to the Sirrus), and she loves that bike too.

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