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I Need To Find My Regular Boots

Razors Edge

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I have a normal pair of boots I wear for easy hikes, rain, and light snow.  Haven't used them since the drive to California last winter, so they're probably in a closet somewhere???

Right now, wearing my Sorels (which are overkill) and my real hiking boots and my Doc Martins are in the shoe trunk, but not the all-around boots I prefer. :scratchhead:

And I can't find our "snow" bin with extra hats, gloves, scarves, and assorted winter stuff.  Looked - seemingly - everywhere. :frantics:

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I had a great pair of snow boots I lost in the house fire, bought a new pair, and wore them for the first time to shovel snow Monday.

They're about a foot high with complicated lacing and I couldn't remember how to get my foot into them.

Then I remembered I had simplified the lacing on the old pair.  I didn't have time to do that Monday - I had a couple hours of daylight after the snow stopped and a couple hours of shoveling to do - so I removed the slipper-like insulating liner from each boot, put my feet in, and laced it as tight as possible so my feet didn't slide around.  My feet got cold after two hours, but they were dry.  I have to play with the lacing so I can get into them easily next time - with the liner.


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