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Insulted today and proud of it!


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1 hour ago, ChrisL said:

At the LGS today we bumped into the parents of one of our sons good childhood friends.  When asking about their son he said he had joined the Navy.  Dad says, we told him he is too smart to join the Army or Marines and he didn’t want his son to be a shit kicker.  Kids mom kinda sheepishly, uh Chris weren’t you in the service?  Yup, I am a dumb shit kicker and proud of it! 😂.  Mom winced but I winked when I said it.

Dad apologized profusely but I told him it’s all good and he wasn’t completely wrong!   Anyway it was cool to catch up with them, we used to hang out a lot when our boys were younger.

You kick some serious shit!

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