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Heavy Snowfall in Central Maryland


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We've getting whacked by cold air from Hudson Bay that picked up some moisture from the Great Lakes.

Snow came several days early: most years we get snow in the first week of April, yet people have short memories and say, "Can you believe it? Snow in April!"

It's snowing hard enough now to make it hard to see things 50 yards away clearly.  It's only supposed to snow intermittently for a few hours or so and won't stick - though some snow may melt then refreeze tonight into hard-to-see ice patches on the roads.

Late last night I threw on a jacket but kept my shorts on, not realizing the temperature was down in the 20's. I froze setting the garbage cans on the street and I see the flakes aren't melting as soon as they hit the ground.  I just went out to move them back into the yard and to move my car to a spot where cars turning the corner aren't likely to slide into it before things may get slippery.

We've got a lot of varying temperatures ahead.  It's supposed to slowly cool down from the 30's to 23° tonight then warm up to 45° by tomorrow afternoon.  Then highs of 53° and 71° to close-out March, followed by highs in the 50's as April comes in.  I hope I get enough dry and warm April days to do the yardwork I need to do.


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