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Happy Friday! Candy for Breakfast today!


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It's All Saints Day today



one of the 6 Holy Days in America for anybody's whos playing along at home


the "all hallows eve" you took your pagan holiday from yesterday reffers to this day today. "Hallows" means "holy". When we say this is "hallowed ground" we mean it has been sactified and made holy, not of this world, but of the Kingdom of God. So All Saints Day is what all hallows eve is all about


probably a little preachy for you candy stuffed hippies, but facts are facts and history is history so there you go

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Not sure how it happened, but I have some Reese's and a Butterfinger in my lunch.  One of them will be part of my breakfast.

 you got any lunch in there? maybe you grabbed the bag of candy and your lunch is still back at the house

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