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Tinned Fish


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8 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

You guys ever watch Sheldon Simeon?  He’s not a comedian, he’s a chef but damn he cracks me up.  His take on canned sardines.

That's cool. Such a simple dish. I made sauteed sardines with chimichurri recently. Kicked ass.

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47 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Herring in hot tomato?

No, I just get the regular one.  I find it surprisingly really good for a canned fish -- but then I like sardines too (just not necessarily the salt). I use them mainly as snacks but they can be used for meals.

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Sardine Pupu sounds like the right name.

My dad liked canned sardines and some other stuff I didn't want to eat like Braunschweiger sausage and liver.

Anchovy pizza is barely edible for me.

I like canned tuna and salmon and might be tempted by mackerel and canned mussels - fresh ones are great with butter.

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