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What people used to think life on other planets would be like

Mr. Silly

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I used to have a subscription to Popular Science...about 15 or so years ago, maybe. They were doing a thing for a while where they would reprint one of their articles from 100 years ago (yes, the magazine was that old) in the back of the magazine. One time they reprinted a 100 year old article that talked as if completely scientific and fact based about the warrior martian race and how the moon was made out of cheese.


It was quite comical.

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I had a nice hardbound Rand McNally world atlas from the '60's that also had a section on the other planets, and it showed a grainy photo of Mars that suggested that the blue/green patches on the planet were zones of vegetation.


It's funny how readily people then were willing to believe in life on Mars, whereas now people are in a state of denying even the chance of microbial life and being incredibly skeptical about any findings that hint at it.

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