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Incredible tales of Ohio


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Since I don't have a car here and and I wanted to make chili, I had to make do with what I had.  I found a can of non-racist black beans, I had some chicken, corn, and two cans of tomato sauce, and I found a package of chili-spice mix.  I also had a small bottle of jalapeno hot sauce.

I found their largest pan, a quart and a half, and made the chili.  Their wasn't enough spice mix, and I used both cans of tomato sauce to get the right consistency, but it ended up being too tomatoey.  I knew it was too tomatoey, but I thought I would ask my SIL what it needed as a way to include her in what I was doing.  I had also long ago written her cooking ability off, but wanted to see if she had any knowledge of long ago, before her hopes and dreams were shattered.  Do you have any idea of what she said?

Here is the dialogue:

RG: "This chili needs something, can you taste it and tell me what you think?"

SIL: "I don't make chili that much"

RG: "You have had chili before, right?"

SIL: "I just look at the package and put everything in the crockpot"

RG: "Just taste it and tell me what you think it needs"

SIL just dips a spoon in to taste the tiniest amount of sauce, makes a face and says it tastes too tomatoey and it is way too spicy.  This chili has half the spice it should have, btw.

I ask her what she would do to cut the overmuch tomatoishness of it all.

SIL: "I don't know, maybe add some ketchup?"


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21 minutes ago, Old#7 said:

Is your brother married to pack-rat Terri? That sounds exactly like what she would say. How far a walk is it to the local grocery store? It can't be that far.

2.2 mile walk to nearest grocery store.

It is really strange, there is decent food available in the area.  Not a lot of it, but it is there.  There just don't appear to be any people with the tiniest amount of curiosity about how to make something the tiniest bit better in my immediate family.

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