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Shu Fang

Stupid dog.

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My brother's dog Jake's Pavlovian responses are funny.

Every time I'm going to take him for a walk, I open the coat closet at my brother's house to get his harness and leash which is kept in a bag there.  So now anytime anyone opens that closet, Jake starts running and jumping excitedly because he thinks he going to be taken for a walk.  My sister-in-law says she's going to have to find a new location for the bag.

Most of the time I go over my brother's house, it's to walk Jake, so he was excited when I arrived Sunday - to ride with my Brother's family to the restaurant where we celebrated our sister's birthday.  Then he was confused when I made no attempt to outfit him for our walk - he kept walking over toward the coat closet, then looking at me as if to say, "What the hell are you waiting for?"

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