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  1. I had wings. After the gym. They were in the fridge, and I am frugal when it comes to wasting food.
  2. I had to walk to the computer lab while in college to do assignments. These are better days. The average adult spends more than 20 hours online a week, which includes time spent on the internet at work.
  3. No, we don't fully appreciate it. The last twenty years have been truly amazing with it's development, once we were able to graduate away from dial-up modems.
  4. Sorry to hear it. I'm sure it was the right thing for you, but it sucks that it came to that.
  5. The joys of bottleing is what made me transition to kegging very quickly.
  6. Last few summers it's been a bit south, 422 to Cranberry. Which kills my Pittsburgh to Erie and back drive times 7 out of 10 trips.
  7. Unless there's road construction on 79 north of 80 this summer that forces me onto 19, I don't know that I'll get the opportunity to be in Mercer, let along Hermitage.
  8. Convenience. It's easier to keep a small airlock in place than all that tubing. You wouldn't want your krausen to go into the airlock, so the blow-off blowoff tubing is necessary early, but later it's inconvenient.
  9. Which place? The Church Brewworks, or another? I've always liked their pizza better than their beer!
  10. Did Cheese die? And RG's getting divorced? Is there a thread that discussed THAT, other than him wondering how to now style his pubic hair?
  11. It was FUBAR for a long time, but now I can sign in with my original account, as long as I'm not on my mobile. I can't sign it with my phone at all. I can't log in here from work due to filters, but I can there.
  12. I don't think that's fair. There's a thread on hunting, cameras, labiaplasty, owls, this forum and "Trump or Monkey" all on page 1.
  13. For realz? For realz? He didn't hook me up when I was car shopping.
  14. If he's in Ohio now, I'd guess the money's already gone.
  15. I'm still waiting for cookies from your mother.
  16. It is this apathy that has adults winning kid's chili cook-offs and soap box derby races, nationally, without any outrage. I wonder if they hide behind their children because they can't pass the drug tests associated with adult competitions.
  17. People try to claim their children's accomplishments as their own? What should the punishment for such an offense be? A slap on the face with a tasty bass?
  18. They can't entertain new offers while the house is under contract. I agree with Scrapr, they wanted to sell. If they were to relist, they'd have to disclose all of the items found on the inspection, they don't want to do that. When I bought my house this time last year, we got $7000 for concrete work found on inspection (the rear patio slab has sunk since construction). When we went to spend the money for repairs, the concrete company said the concrete pad was sooo thick they couldn't do any thing to move it, but it wasn't going anywhere. So we pocketed about $6000 from that repair to re-appropriate elsewhere. When I sold my house last year, the buyer waived an inspection as part of the negotiation. I'm sure that saved me some $ in the end. Congratulations, dotman!
  19. Not sure he's changed that much. Related to the inaugural Tour De Trump: "The race was met by anti-Trump protests in the first-stage finishing town of New Paltz, New York, where demonstrators held placards reading "Fight Trumpism", "Die Yuppie $cum", "The Art of the Deal = The Rich Get Richer" and "Trump = Lord of the Flies". " And was it just coincidence that Trump dumped sponsorship the year after a Mexican ride won?
  20. Greg does look good. I just don't understand the pairing with Trump. What statement is being made by the OP?
  21. What part of my question was unclear? I wondered why a picture from 2004 showing Lemond and Trump together was getting displayed.
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