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  1. Well, it mutated once transferring from animal to human, and there is an “S” and an “L” variant with the L variant being more lethal, more invasive in the lungs, all within 4 months or so....
  2. Maybe not proven, but I don’t think there are waves of reinfected people after their first illness. Although it’s said to be a fast-mutating virus, so we’ll see.
  3. Yeah, I was thinking 4/1 was this weekend , not next Wednesday. So yeah, maybe 200,000.
  4. Unless they all get sick at once and 10% die, the rest have immunity.
  5. And I am surprised the Canadiens haven’t closed the border to Ottawa.
  6. It’s a long, slow trip to the Hudson Bay! I am surprised the Canadians haven’t closed the border to the US. I realize that map isn’t accurate, and the disease is in Toronto, too, but there is so much more disease just to the south of that international line.
  7. But I don’t know if putting them on Lake Winnipeg was a good idea? They could float a long way.
  8. Covid-19? Driving them to isolated areas outside of tiny towns like Timmons, ON and Baie-James, QC? Heck, maybe putting them on a boat on a lake? In Pittsburgh, it looks like all the Covid cases are on the North Side, which is good for me as a South Hills resident, because obviously the virus can’t cross bridges, let alone go through a tunnel!
  9. You’re too late to stock up on TP.
  10. We call Geno’s crate his “small home within our home”. He happily goes in any time we go out. But he doesn’t need it otherwise, he can nap anywhere by now!
  11. I think Red Stripe and Guinness Blonde are.
  12. The answer is always “Anastasia “.
  13. I’m afraid with the early spring, early allergies will happen, and I will fail the “are you having a sore throat” screening question at work and have to come home for allergies, which will prevent us from going to the Delaware beach at the end of June. First world problems, but it will be a disappointment to miss that the last summer before my older son goes to college.
  14. I’ve seen the preview and know the story. It’s a good watch?
  15. They look delicious!
  16. Terrible news, so sorry, Chris.
  17. What app did you you, @Longjohn? Vidyo, FaceTime or something else?
  18. And yet sometimes the moderate majority is wrong.
  19. Interesting. I would have though a liberal infectious disease physician would have sensed the alarm. But then again, just a week ago 62% of Americans thought our Covid anxiety was overblown.
  20. And South Korea would have done an even better job is “super-spreader” patient #31 hadn’t gotten nearly 100 people ill by herself.
  21. “To be a week into these restrictions and already be talking about abandoning them is irresponsible and dangerous,” said Tom Inglesby, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Removing restrictions now would allow the virus, he said, to “spread widely, rapidly, terribly, and could kill potentially millions in the year ahead with huge social and economic impact.”
  22. Would you say your brother is more conservative or liberal in his political orientation? Because that seems to have influenced a lot of “early” opinions.
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