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  1. Probably from people falling asleep, triggering the kill switch, and then not restarting their progress when traffic moves. Self-driving cars, indeed.
  2. Kohl’s was genius to make itself an Amazon return center. I’d have no other reason to go into the store, otherwise. But now, every time I go in, I buy Christmas wrapping paper. Regardless of season. I am conditioned to do it.
  3. It’s Indiana. Basketball is the religion to which they sacrifice corn.
  4. BTW, that’s usually a good spot to take a nap during the commute.
  5. I was at work, away from the TV when I heard the report of a plane crashing into the tower. I thought it was a small plane, and purely accidental. I went to the TV and saw the smoke, but didn’t really register what someone else said about this being a terrorist attack until a moment later when I watched the second plane hit.
  6. No, that’s the same effect, the faster you go, the more apparent head wind you face. You just need some sails to take advantage of it!
  7. I’m going to do some fiberglass work on my Pearson this off season! Stick on some foils!
  8. It would seem to be the most logical defense he could muster, “I turned her down on this deal so she’s now making allegations against me.” But AB’s also being sued by a former personal chef and I believe another personal trainer for breach of contract, so he’s not an entirely reliable source of information.
  9. I think what is fascinating is how with traditional monohull sail boats, the longer the waterline the faster the boat goes. This is now the opposite, the hull is completely out of the water on the foils.
  10. That and the conversation she had with his personal chef about the masturbation incident, at the time it happened. With him denying that any of it happening and her having corroborating evidence that some of it did, I think his credibility is instantly in trouble. I didn’t read all of the complaint, does she acknowledge offering him a business venture opportunity, or is this just his claim?
  11. She didn’t call the cops. I don’t have any statistics, but I don’t believe that’s terribly uncommon in “date rape” situations. She wasn’t his “date”, but he was a known person in her life, and her employer at the time.
  12. The MassPike is good sleeping.
  13. Not when you’re a peg-leg pirate, like Couch.
  14. “A former college classmate accused New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown of rape and sexual assault in a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday. In the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Miami, where Brown lives, the woman accused the star wide receiver of exposing himself and secretly masturbating behind her and ejaculating on her back in two separate incidents in 2017, and she also accused Brown of raping her in 2018.” We’ll see what plays out in court, but I do wonder if the Patriots (and the league?) are already regretting this signing.
  15. Someone dealing with a significant other who has a serious addiction.
  16. Goodnight. Time to get in the car for some shuteye.
  17. Rikki is a about a girl he’s interested that’s not into him. He doesn’t want her to lose his number in case she changes her mind. Josie is about a party girl who comes home (from prison, reform or Catholic school) and the anticipation of debachery that will follow. I’ve always thought of Hey Nineteen as an older man dating a 19 yo woman with whom he has nothing in common (and maybe cant be seen together in public?). Reelin’ in the years is a man getting disillusioned with his GF as their relationship disintegrates and she cheats on him.
  18. Is that some alternative of saying “you’re right”?
  19. I get it periodically. I have Verizon at home, not sure if it’s happened or not at work.
  20. You mean sister? Or has Bridget been politically outspoken, too? That film clip is a cross of The Shining and Easy Rider.
  21. A video shot in portrait mode?!? Was the videographer asleep?
  22. He is a very attractive gentleman. But I think this would be encroaching on Tude’s territory.
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