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  1. I didn’t know of her before she worked with Gabriel in 1986.
  2. I never listened. The craziest I could tolerate was G. Gordon Liddy who had a radio show when I was in college (I was in Baltimore, not sure if it was regional or syndicated) that followed Howard Stern. I think Rush followed that, but I never listened. Maybe I actually went to class?
  3. My dog sleeps on a separate bench at the foot of my bed. Problem solved.
  4. That requires far better buy-in than currently exists.
  5. California king is extra roomy.
  6. Didn’t he contract it at a re-election campaign rally where he refused to wear a mask? And Rep. Gohmert refused to wear a mask and is now ill. And a “Cops for Trump” rally with Mike Pence near me today is virtually mask-free.
  7. You’re still using the iPhone 4? It’s in the photo app itself. Click on a photo, and on the top right, just under battery indicator, you’ll see the edit button. When you select edit, as seen at the top of the second photo, at the top left is a gray square which allows you to rotate the photo.
  8. No, not all. But it’s difficult to believe after hearing from the temporary head of Homeland Security that they’ve not gone in primed with a hard-ass agenda.
  9. Other than the Elderberry trees?
  10. Feed them! One puppy is eating the other!
  11. Have you shown us pictures of the view yet?
  12. No one wants your bathroom overlooking their scenic vista.
  13. We had a major BLM demonstration about two weeks ago, at rush hour on a fairly major state highway. Remembering a black motorist who had been killed by Police about 15 years ago. It was a major inconvenience for commuters to deal with it, and I’m sure few gained sympathy from the act, but the police closed the road, let the protest happen, and then it was over. No arrests, no violence, no mayhem.
  14. “Agnello hit back — with a counterclaim for $2,500 that he said covers the value of his destroyed bicycle, the time he spent recuperating, and the sheer aggravation of the ordeal. But, he said, he would settle for Cook dropping his claim. “ A) his bike should have been paid for by insurance already B.) He shouldn’t drop his counter suit under any circumstances.
  15. I would not put a boat above my Porsche on a trailer, but what do I know?
  16. My concern is that undertrained (or wrongly trained) people react poorly to stress. And fear. Add on a martyr or crusader complex and politics, you get people far more likely to act more aggressively than situations call for.
  17. I assumed you were directing this at our “Fucking Nurse” @Parr8hed, but was upset at your lack of the use of “murse “ and didn’t know wtf “ROS” meant....
  18. I think that should be Crackers and cheese.
  19. I thought it was originally Finger Lakes... was it really Florida?!?
  20. Has there been a change? DHS troops now assigned to Detroit. @ChrisL... is there special training for a police officer to be an effective riot police responder? I understand military training itself and police work aren’t a natural crossover? Do border patrol and other Homeland Security officers have relatable experience?
  21. Immune responses for mild/moderate illnesses are proving to be weak and short lived. There will be no “herd immunity” just from community exposures, you’ll have two groups: dead people and a bunch of people ready to get reinfected again. Vaccines historically provide a more robust defense against viral illness.
  22. Bauer, the hockey company, is selling (either now or soon?) face shields integrated into a baseball cap. Less hot, I think, as more space between your mouth and the shield.
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