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  1. Are the traffic furniture difficult to see when there is snow on the ground?
  2. Yeah... I don’t know how “door” became “food”... I wasn’t THAT hungry!
  3. To be deposited in his locked mailbox.
  4. I closed the garage this morning before realizing I didn’t have my keys. Fortunately I have a key to our back food hidden on our porch for just such an occasion. And I don’t answer the door or the phone, ever, unless I am expecting someone.
  5. You’re... right?
  6. Prophet Zacharia


    We call that Fort Pitt, because the English took it away from the French in 1758. Downtown Pittsburgh is accessed from the South by crossing the Monongahela River via the Fort Pitt bridge (and tunnel going through Mount Washington, where General Washington had once surveyed the French positions). From the North, one crosses the Allegheny River via the Fort Duquesne bridge.
  7. Good morning! We have 43 degrees and rain today. I will take it!
  8. Unless you keep your street numbers posted inside in your front hall, I don’t think that’s what he was looking for.
  9. Crazy people take offense to being labeled the same as this mooch. I bet Bob’s in rehab (or jail), this sounds like a totally dysfunctional family and I’d bet addiction is at the center of it. Stay as far away as your property limit permits! (And I’d use the google machine to see if Bob has any prior court hearings ).
  10. I didn’t realize people used water bongs for smoking meth.
  11. I’m going to Aruba 2/21. Just hoping to avoid a monster snow before that.
  12. His production sputtered after a DC area pharmacy and chiropractor linked to the Nationals and Capitals players got busted for HGH distribution. Then he got his groove back. So yes, Russian players do seem to have access to lots of good stuff. Only Mike Bossy, Mario Lemieux and Pavel Bure have played 700+ NHL games with a better goals per game scoring rate than Ovi. So chapeau.
  13. That what the HGH is there to ensure.
  14. Fuhgetabouit. Freaking meter is still calculating caucus results.
  15. I’m partial to a cornice, it gets me more air miles.
  16. I’m sure @jsharr will catch you a beautiful bass.
  17. @Gritty was framed! But Gritty doesn’t haunt me, because the Flyers now own the longest streak without a championship in professional sports, as I understand it.
  18. Reminds me of the time I went trout fishing and a guy went into the woods to take a dump. He came back with a large brown “trout “ in the net that hung off his back.
  19. Or are digital scales accurate enough for your needs?
  20. I charge everything I can. Groceries, my cable bill, anything. But I pay it off when the statement is due.
  21. Do you not remember the boys trapped in a cave in Thailand when it flooded during the monsoons last year?
  22. Apparently I am mistaken. And, I love Hogan’s Hero’s.
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