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  1. Which is why the governor was quick to point the finger at the solar and wind technologies that didn’t come through, despite their being only 10% of the energy source.
  2. Moving Pictures was my favorite album as a ten year old when I got it for Christmas. But they aren’t a favorite band of mine. And I wouldn’t use their name in any sentence with The Stones.
  3. Public school for me. Devout agnostic. My wife went to Catholic schools. The nuns were mean, as she tells it.
  4. We were supposed to get 1/4” of ice over night. Temps stayed up however, didn’t start to freeze until 7 am. Dodged a bullet, it just rained all night.
  5. They are probably glad they didn’t secede last month.
  6. Yup, TV and movies. It’s an odd but recurring reaction for me.
  7. “If you're going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill
  8. And 15 million more people got the flu vaccine this year than last, which also helps. I can’t even remember the last time I had a cold symptom. People masking and using hand hygiene and socially distancing and staying home for the slightest symptom has worked when applied consistently.
  9. I go in December as I don’t get my airline rewards confirmed in time each year to make February travel for free a sure thing. But if I have to pay for flights in the future, last week of January/first week of February seems perfect to me! Hawaiian Airlines is starting Tampa to Hi direct that seems WAY better than flying to Cali and making a connection.
  10. I was driving from DC to Baltimore and people were abandoning their cars on the side of the road for 1/4 inch of snow. Took me about 3 hours to get home.
  11. I was driving from Miami to Philadelphia in December, 1990. Left Florida in 80 degree temperatures, drove all night, reached Baltimore just around daybreak. Looked ahead on I-95 to see nothing but brake lights and stand-still traffic. With good fortune, the exit to I-895 was just in front of us, we’d take the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and bypass the accident and be home in time for breakfast! What we didn’t know was that it was ice that had caused the accident on 95, and as we came around a curve on the on-ramp (a giant bridge), there was ice on 895, too. In front of us were two cars, spinn
  12. Were you a little hard on the Beaver last night? Oh... that’s “Ward”. Never mind.
  13. I think you managed the scene to ensure the paramedics could safely render aide. Which to me differs from a political rally. But I would agree with arrests if the protestors were blocking ambulance entry to an emergency scene, or another police function other than just monitoring the protest.
  14. It’s an urban college campus. I don’t know if permits were attained for protest, but large, free assembly is common.
  15. I don’t think there has ever been an @Davenportincident.
  16. Unless what you’re telling me that Police (routinely?) make up the scenario to fit their criminal report.
  17. Yea, I understand police don’t need first hand observation to make an arrest IF THERE IS OTHER EVIDENCE OF A CRIME. But given the context that no crime had been previously committed, and they arrest a bunch of people who they allege committed a crime in their presence, literally in front of them, based solely on their report, I want them to not just simply guess who may have done what. Especially when NOTHING had been done. Probably undone in court and dismissed after how many thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees, or plead down to citations, but still an abuse of power.
  18. My older son is left handed. I never tried to make him a righty. In fact, I encouraged him to learn how to pitch. And kick field goals. Neither took.
  19. No. We’re actually shopping for a new sofa, but none of those being considered have an armrest, either.
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