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  1. My older son is left handed. I never tried to make him a righty. In fact, I encouraged him to learn how to pitch. And kick field goals. Neither took.
  2. No. We’re actually shopping for a new sofa, but none of those being considered have an armrest, either.
  3. Not sure where the spin would come in, neither she nor he were upset with the arrest, they found it funny. I actually was. I wasn’t in his group, but it happened on the campus of the University I work at. I know the conditions of the protest when he was arrested. I know shops got vandalized later in the evening, but not when he was arrested. It was a peaceful protest at that time. I know it’s a tough job. But I just don’t think it’s too much to expect a LE office to actually SEE a person commit a crime before arresting them.
  4. I know you think I’m being overly sensitive to the issue, but shouldn’t the Police need to see you commit a crime before arresting you? I mean, my friend’s State Police Homicide detective husband, undercover but just hanging out to infiltrate and monitor anarchists, wasn’t doing anything to get arrested, and the group he was in wasn’t rioting. Vastly different than your undercover cop arrest experience who verbally assaulted you and advanced aggressively towards you.
  5. For me, it’s the opposite, I have a chick fil-a nearby, the Popeye’s is not convenient. So I’ve never been. I did stop at a Popeyes last time I drove the Turnpike to Philth-adelphia, but that was during the height of their chicken sandwich craze, so they didn’t have them in stock. I haven’t gone back.
  6. And I figured they were following him.
  7. I have a friend who’s husband is State Police. He was working undercover during the anarchy protests surrounding a G7 or G9 or some global economic summit held locally a few years ago. Well, he got arrested (which does make me question our Policing, TBH) and while being cuffed and shoved into a Police van, he’s yelling the designated under-cover code word “I’m a Pirate!” to notify the arresting officers he’s one of them. Apparently, the arresting officers hadn’t gotten THAT memo, and off to jail he went. But of course his arrest got filmed by the local news, and seen by my friend’s family, who
  8. How does it stack up compared to Popeyes? I’ve still not gotten to try the near famous Popeyes Chicken Sandwich!
  9. You can actually just order the chicken patties. It’s even in the app, no need to waste the bread (or stand in line!).
  10. Our sewage treatment plant empties into the Ohio River. Our gift to the Midwest.
  11. 3 cats and a dogosaurous.
  12. This question is a celebration @donkpow’s new thread. We don’t have any arrests but we don't have Airedales.
  13. Jack Daniels and I thought it was going to be about a hazy memory.
  14. I am gladabout having lots of blessings in my life, although I don’t consider being a gifted speller as one of my many talents.
  15. Better than having to drive to Shadyside!
  16. Where you do have to go for it?
  17. Agreed. I don’t always do what’s best for my health, but I’ve started identifying it’s importance waaaaay up there in my priorities after taking it for granted for awhile.
  18. There is a first time for everything.
  19. Better than a cancellation.
  20. Makes water into pHater? Ha. Our state politicians mostly want to increase fracking for the jobs, even offering sweetheart tax deals to lure new drilling. Our national election was nearly decided by one party wanting (primarily) to eliminate new fracking on Federal land and the other wanting fewer restrictions. My water comes from the Allegheny river, pumped out at Aspinwall, PA.
  21. Or a lawyer on a zoom call?
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