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  1. Winning franchises can accrue value, too. That’s why I always laugh at opposing fan bases when they mock a losing team’s poor attendance. It’s not that they are “fair weather fans” necessarily, but not buying tickets and not going to games/buying merchandise is the fan’s only way to impact ownership’s handling of a team. Now, profit-sharing and TV revenue makes that impact less, financially, but you can at least shame them for their mismanagement with empty seats.
  2. Are you sure you’re a computer programmer?
  3. Why not just stick your nose up to the shower head? Or better yet, the soft nose cushions of a nedipot?
  4. It’s actually a pole. “Barber’s pole”.
  5. I expected more prunes in anything calling itself a “dump cake”.
  6. Yeah, as a far less invasive intervention, meds are the way to go, for now. Maybe that will halt the progression and avoid the need for transplant. Fingers crossed.
  7. Don’t worry, I’m using @petitepedal as my real estate agent. This could take awhile to find the right place.
  8. You’ll just tell him to eat organic food and no sex. I just did that and will only charge $400 for a retreat.
  9. 19 Foods You Can Regrow From Scraps Avocado. Don't throw away your avocado pits. ... Basil. Liven up pastas dishes, sauces, and pizzas, all for the price of one basil plant. ... Bok Choy. Cut off the base of a bok choy plant and place it in a bowl bottom-down. ... Cabbage. Grow your very own cabbage patch for cheap. ... Carrot Greens. ... Celery. ... Cilantro. ... Garlic Sprouts. RG Lungs
  10. The iron’s cord is a hazard around an open fire.
  11. No. I mean you need to be able to fit into the closet comfortably. So none of this ebike stuff, get on the trainer!
  12. I think the Rooneys have been very good owners.
  13. “We constantly hear from our members how their lives have been meaningfully and positively impacted after purchasing or being gifted a [strikethrough]netipot[/strikethrough] Instapot, often in ways that surprise them," a company spokesperson said in an email.
  14. Yeah. Never mind the hanging clothes on the bar above your head and shoes under the cots. And it’s a little narrow.... You and Wo @Dottie have been using the peloton, right?
  15. That would imply that I am responsible for making dinner and shame me for being inadequate in my efforts or skills.
  16. Sleeper cells get out of synch with jet lag. Or so I hear.
  17. Been mulling it for a long while. Received 50% off and an additional $5 coupon. Not sure what I will make first. Likely will treat symptoms of nasal allergies, sinus problems or colds. Then, some yogurt. I am quite excited about this.
  18. And here I was thinking it would have made a nice Christmas gift.
  19. And a bit nervous? Let’s do this.
  20. I feel a bit detached from the news while away (except for Dallas sucking), but this seems odd to have two shootings at bases in the same week.
  21. Shooting at Pearl Harbor the other day, Pensacola today.
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