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  1. And yet they obey stoplights despite them limiting their right to just keep driving.
  2. I don’t pretend to know how violent the protests were in Portland to have the DHS move in. I see some graffiti and broken windows and think “meh”, but maybe the Federal Building needed protecting. But I don’t know after that. And I’m still young enough to reject the idea of federal officers doing anything in my city’s streets to think I’d sit idle if that happened. I’d see it as a fascist invasion requiring some form of response.
  3. I think tear gas deployment may not be the correct response to littering. Or was the littering the result of tear gas deployment? It’s hard to tell. It is clear that large numbers of people will cause litter, no matter their political affiliation. Much was made of the clean-up efforts after the second amendment protestors in Charlottesville.
  4. I was born to Cornell Barbecue sauce, with two alumni as parents. We don’t have much roadside barbecue where I live now. Fries on your sandwich or salad is our local culinary claim to fame, I think.
  5. And still a 3.9% death rate. I’m watching to Sunbelt like a hawk to see if we can maintain that as hospital volumes swell. Wear a mask. We were shocked how many people weren’t today. My work day life is mask all day, it shocks me still there are so many people who aren’t following this mandate/recommendation/whatever.
  6. I prefer the Philly show over the London one, although The Who are always fun.
  7. I remember seeing portions of Live Aid on TV when it happened. I lived not more than 30-40 minutes from JFK Stadium in Philly, but I was only 14 at the time. Holy heck what a lineup of bands.
  8. Tan lines should be cultivated and kept razor sharp.
  9. We’re back to 1,000 deaths per day as a country. My state just added 1,000 more positives to the infected ranks.
  10. I like the deck but that’s quite the asking price.
  11. Isn’t tear gas banned as a chemical weapon by the Genova convention? Who’s using it, DHS, or other forces, too?
  12. Love it. It’s one of my favorite Neil tunes as well.
  13. For $149, I get free airfare for two to Hawaii each November/December. That’s not the actual feature, but how it plays out. I guess it also got free airfare for two to Aruba this spring as well
  14. I know my own cell number (but not my work-assigned phone), my wife’s cell, my office number, my old office number, and my childhood land line. I could probably dial one or two old work department numbers, with some effort.
  15. If you look to the left, can you see the Sheraton? If so, please say hello to my mast. I haven’t been sailing all summer due to Covid.
  16. What @F_in Ray Of Sunshine was doing these last few years in absentia? ? Or how we got so fortunate for his return? His posting quantity and quality show no signs of rust. Welcome back.
  17. Please tell me that they are for telemedicine.
  18. 0 minutes. I would put the bottle or can (still sealed) into a bowl or pitcher mixed with ice and cold water. That will chill it faster than the freezer.
  19. Any idea of the meds required to prevent rejection for just lungs? Around my town, they do a lot of heart/lung transplants, together. I guess they’re getting pretty good at them.
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