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  1. I literally could care less. 🤣
  2. I sensed this was a rhetorical question, but I probably have more emotional intelligence than our friend @Razors Edge.
  3. It may be expensive, but it is not literally insane.
  4. For a moment, but my wife didn’t look up so I just resumed brushing and went about my day.
  5. We do. I like it better than Skype for video conference.
  6. I like this video, the guys look like they know a thing or two about exploring... Reminds me of the old “World’s Greatest Ghost Hunt: Pennhurst Asylum” where 5 fearless investigators document unexplained reports of paranormal activity.
  7. I think it’s more of a “poke” function.
  8. Also, Mick Jagger had heart valve replacement this summer and was back on tour within a few months.
  9. My grandmother had it and did very well.
  10. I heard he’s living in the Martial Islands.
  11. I thought it was the start of a joke. A Ukrainian airplane crashes in Iran and....
  12. He’s doing something for Penske... renting or selling trucks? I see him on LinkedIn. Wife and two kids as seen on FB, lives near our hometown.
  13. With square wheels. 🤪
  14. I’ll be happy with not losing all of that growth between now and being outta “here”.
  15. Thanks Kirby. It makes it a special day when you take a moment to spread your wisdom with the forum.
  16. And you lived to tell about it? Oh, right, he only murdered in Atlanta.
  17. I was within walking distance of Memorial Stadium while in college. But the O’s moved to Camden Yards my Junior year. I saw the NFL preseason game were the town petitioned the league to return a team to them. I had moved away before the Ravens came to play there in 1997.
  18. Of course Martha’s pissed, that’s why she stabbed him with a squirrel.
  19. Not here. We’re looking at 66 F and rain this Saturday.
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