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Today's miles/workouts


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Crossfit class today had us doing 5 sets of 5 reps front squats.  Last set was supposed to be 85% of your 1 rep max.  Well either I suck at math or I have a shitty memory because I thought my 1 rep max was 225.  Well today I did my last set of 5 at 225. 


Then the metcon (metabolic conditioning) was declining sets of front squats (at 135#) and box jumps (24").  10-9-8 and so on until you get to 1.  So do 10 front squats then 10 box jump and then 9 front squats and 9 box jumps.  Time limit was supposed to be 10 min for this.  It took me 13. :blush:


Then went and rode 20 hilly, WINDY as hell miles.  Quads were pretty much on faar the whole time.

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Did 5 set of squats, push ups and 1 minute planks x 10

then barbell squats with 100 lbs 20 seconds on 40 off

then 20 seconds on 20 off barbell rows and barbell raises

then 20 on 20 off kettle bell swings, switching hands at top of swing and backwards lunges

I was sucking AIR HARD on he barbell rows and raises

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