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Dog fashion wear when very/dangerously cold


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12 hours ago, sheep_herder said:

Our outings are frequent and short without coats.

I let my pup decide as she's the one with the needs.  She get's her coat (double coat in really cold temps) and she has the option to walk or just take care of business ASAP.  By going out often (or offering the option), she gets her fill.  On rainy or cold days where I think that she's just gonna run out, do her thing, and run back in, she often surprises me by heading off towards the trail.  Dogs and cats will definitely "take care of themselves" if you listen to them and give them the opportunities.  

Frequent and as long (or short) as she wants is definitely a good option for her.

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Jake has big paws on his 100 lb body and I'm not sure how cold they get on cold ground.  Retriever sites say he should be fine, even on snow, if it's 20°.

But I think that's for dogs that are used it being outside in the cold: Jake's a house dog.  His coat is thick enough I'm sure he's ok in the cold otherwise.

He's so calm, obedient, and excited about walks I don't know if I could tell if his feet were bothering him.

Fortunately, we walk mostly on black asphalt trails and in above-freezing temperatures.

220740337_2.20190515_155045900p.jpg.d5ff45dc86fcd589c92ea391a24b405a.jpg 20190509_171321straightened_clar_900p.thumb.jpg.774f452cf5a55af4fbb456d8e69948df.jpg

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