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I would buy some soap from you.


Did you ever eat the jam?  or are you letting it get old?


You can pimp yourself out.


HAHA!  I have the money set aside.  I just get a little anxious when I have a couple thousand dollars owed.  Until the bills are mailed, I get nervous.

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Right about now we have the following due at the same time:


Car insurance for the year

house insurance for the year

property tax for the year


Luckily, I am a planner.  Regardless, we will be living meager this month.


Welcome to my world.

Auto Insurance is roughly $1300 2x a year

Home Insurance is roughly $500 for the year

and Prop Tax is almost $10K...all in Dec.  Merry Farking Christmas.

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Our home insurance and property taxes are rolled into our mortgage.  We pay one set amount each month which is always a little over, sometimes we get a tiny rebate check back.


One of our homes is like that.  These are the bills for the rental house.  Soon, these will be the only thing we pay, besides maintenance.

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 Oregon taxes the piss out of thier citizens


pays for all those organic school lunches and they had the entire city of Bend carpetted back in 2009


Not really.  My property taxes are about 1.5% of value.  We pay no sales tax. 


Not a bad state to live in.

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