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The tag sale is almost over


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6 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Was it successful?

Not till the bus load of old ladies from New Jersey showed up.  After that the lunch time pizza and street signs were paid for.

Personally I cleared a dollar for an MTB trainer tire and 2 bucks for a small parts bin.

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I just spaced a snootfull of derailleurs.  They've been here for too many years in my junk box and I no longer need to fix my supervisors daughters bmx bike for the parade.  The only one in the bunch worth more than nothing was the X.7 mountain triple front and it was the most worn of the batch.  The rest looked like Altus and Tourney quality and have been saved to repair or upgrade neighbors Wal-Mart fixups.

Nowever, if anyone should want a snazzy set of blue bottle cages or a blue WTB saddle we can arrange for you to pay postage and send an address.  Disc rotors I use to make trivets.............now that I know what trivets are.

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