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Not sure if it was a soap, sunscreen, or food reaction..or what..but Imy shingles area..plus more at the back of my neck was super irritated and itchy on the drive home..still more itchy than it has been..I put cortisone cream on it..and re washed the few things I washed at the air bnb in case it was the soap.. almost hive like:runcirclsmiley::runcirclsmiley::runcirclsmiley:

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As a result of the stress in my back, I popped up with a weird rash on my torso and cold sores around my mouth. The rash disappeared but the cold sores remain after six months.  They were clearing up with green tea but not completely. I am adding some vitamin C but that doesn't seem to help. Next time I go to the doctor, I'll see what they can do. I'm hoping for some opioids.

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