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I didn't go to Trader Joes this weekend


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:runcirclsmiley: Now I have a list...:wacko:  I had the last little hunk of this cheese that I like..it is dipped in wine at some point... I think white cheddar with a bit of parm or something similar in the mix...anyway it is tasty...  I also need chia and flax...and yogurt ...

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22 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

Save your money on the chia.  There are far more beneficial products and ones your body can actually use efficiently. People need to research these things a little more to avoid being ripped off. 

What are you talking about? 

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I need to go this week. They have a pan spray that uses coconut oil. Coconut oil is real good for you (unless you eat great glops of the stuff). Pan sprays usually have lecithin, which is brain food. I am not aware of any studies, but I think it slows down the decay in old fats.

I like their 1/2 fat sliced cheese, organic tofu. I mix their blueberry juice and super juice together. I crave the super juice, but by itself it's just too sweet.

Usually get something from the produce aisle. Prob get the mirepoix, spring onions. Their chocolate is bland, but I don't mind their toberlone imitation, that's the one with pecans and raisins.

I can only handle coffee in small amounts, and I love the free coffee.  I really miss coffee. One of the many things I like about The Expanse is that the main character is a coffee nut. Most of the story takes place in the outer solar system, and most everything is imitation, because getting stuff from Earth is crazy expensive. They wind up in a small but state of the art warship, and it not only has a coffee maker, it can make coffee in zero G (ships usually go places, and the thrust provides something like gravity), it came with coffee for a crew of 20 for 6 months. There is only 5 of them. When he opens the compartment, and sees all that real coffee, he falls in love with the ship. I can relate.


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