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This made me cry

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2 hours ago, donkpow said:

This is a positive note,

"At the end of the interview, Blair said her doctor predicted she would have 90 percent of her abilities back within a year, ..."

Selma is suffering from an extreme episode.  I knew she was using a cane, but hearing her voice was shuddering.  I do have some speech issues, if I get tired or overheated.  I will slur my speech.  In times like that I have to drink more water, slow down to be more methodical and focused in my speech.  the scary thing is that it is mostly a guess.  They don't really know much about MS.

1 hour ago, Kirby said:

DH, you continue to inspire me with your great attitude.

Aww, thanks.  You inspire me to be a better person.  Your warmth shows in your posts.

1 hour ago, shootingstar said:

You try to live life well, DH.


Just keep walking forward, even if  am limping.

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