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Tale of a single mom and now . . . (a bit long but good)


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56 minutes ago, Kirby said:

Interesting.  I hope she finds what she's looking for, but the practical side of me cringes when I hear her talking about going away for 4 months with no money in the bank.

I think her “no money in the bank” statement she is comparing herself to Trump. If she really had no money in the bank she couldn’t go to Europe for four months and expect to have enough money left over to fly her four sons over the last month and return airfare for everyone.

Empty nest seems to really hit most women hard. Our youngest commuted to college so for four years he was home every night but sometime just home at bedtime because he has a job and a girlfriend. I thought this was the perfect way to transition to empty nest and it wouldn’t be a problem. Wrong, we had to give his room a complete makeover, gave our room a makeover, moved the living room downstairs and turned the living room into a big dining room. I was moving heavy furniture up and down stairs, ripping out carpet, installing new flooring, taking down wallpaper and painting every room. Four years later she was tired of the living room downstairs and I had to move everything back where it was.:scratchhead:

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