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I need someone to adopt Ylva from me.

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She's a good dog.  Well, she's kind of a good dog. 

Actually, if I'm honest, she's a really bad dog.  Like, really bad.  But, she's kind of good sometimes but, not very often.

She has a few quirks. Actually, just one quirk.   It's nothing bad really.  She just likes eating cat crap.  That's pretty much her only vice and addiction.

She ate cat crap twice today.  That's pretty normal for Ylva.

Oh, and she's wicked smart.  Well, she's kind of smart.  But not really.  She's an idiot.

I'll ship her to the first person who accepts her in this thread.  

I might have to ship her in pieces though.

Shu Fang

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4 hours ago, Road Runner said:

If you can get Meep to eat dog crap, you will have mastered the concept of pet poop recycling.  :)

Plus, you never have to buy any more cat or dog food.  

Yeah, good luck with that!  I need a picture of Ernie of Bert and Ernie fame after he visits his girlfriend with the cat.  brb!

Ahhh, The Piranha Club!  Here is couch after trying that! :D



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