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  1. I believe that next year will bring more normalcy. One year of missed gatherings is a very small price to pay. If I save one person's Grandmother, husband, wife or <insert loved one> it is worth it. I value people's lives more than I value a Thanksgiving party.
  2. The numbers just have been ramping up so badly, and I think they are bringing it up because of the enormous ramp after halloween. We have missed so many gatherings, because I care about the health care workers and the health of others. I have gone to no parties at all, since last Christmas.
  3. I guess this behavior is a good way to pass down family wealth and kill off some population.
  4. To answer the thread question, I think that gatherings outside of your own immediate family (like people that you live with) is selfish and irresponsible. Is a Turkey dinner so darn important that you willingly contribute to community spread? If people were to insist on having a dinner with others, I think they should isolate, test and only meet if they are clear of illness. We are doomed, if people don't stop acting selfish.
  5. We have only dined out like 4 times in the last 6 months. Those times we brought home tacos and burritos. The drive was about 10 minutes but by the time we got home it was not as good. Hot food does not travel well. not sure when we will get back to restaurant dining. Too risky. Big nope for us these days.
  6. Yes. I have put things in with this in mind. This is why there will be a plant treasure hunt next Summer or fall. The biggest planting was the bulbs and rhizomes Over the leach fields.
  7. Imagine a thriving population. There is a migratory path for them to get to the river. We will eventually put in a garden and it will need deer fencing.
  8. I honestly believe that India could be under reported, because of poverty and lack of testing.
  9. Agreed. Hey, in other news...I am loving the new property. Right below me there is a goat and chicken farm. They are very nice people. They said we could do a barter thing for free me to get goat milk. She even said I could help by learning to milk them. She can't sell me milk (not pasturized) but we could barter for other things. Like, soap, bread, or work. I have my very own petting farm. There are 4 HUGE goats down there. We were setting up the area for the pump track, removing grass/sage etc. It is very close to the goats. They were talking to me. Bahhhhh, and I woul
  10. I planted the last of my asparagus yesterday. The ground was kind of hard, and it was tough. It is starting to freeze here. The construction on the new place has not really begun for the home. We just have a well, a septic and a house pad dug out. I don't really have a garden spot, so I just temp planted a bunch of stuff around in different places. It will be like a fun treasure hunt after I get a permanent garden spot going. It felt good to get that done. Now, the rains are here. I could not have planned this better. I'm going to chalk this up as an additional win in
  11. I made soap today. I have not tasted it yet
  12. broccoli, kale and cauliflower
  13. We play one game every evening. Hubby wins more often than I do. He is too smart and calculating. I think moving power pieces out early is a good play. In regards to power, in your opinion...would you prefer to lose a knight or a bishop? Additionally, I get confused of the rules for castling. Like, switching king and castle position in one move
  14. Damn her for trying to save lives. How ridiculous she is for trying to keep citizens safe.
  15. It's legs are muscular. Maybe that owl rides bikes.
  16. Thank you for taking this seriously. We were invited to a small gathering at a friend's home for Thanksgiving. We regretfully declined. We have been invited to a gathering at another friend's home for Christmas. We regretfully declined. Our holidays will be spent at home. I will make something nice and we will play board games.
  17. We have an excellent non-profit hospital here. There are just limited specialists. I heard that neuro has a significant need, cause there are so few of them to go around. I can be at an excellent hospital with a 10 minute car ride. I am in the country, but barely. I can literally ride my bike into downtown in about 10 minutes or less. I am barely in the outskirts. A neighbor just down the hill from my lot is in city limits.
  18. A large city does offer choices but an enormous inconvenience to travel 6 hours one way for a doc visit.
  19. Part of the issue was transition, and then Covid happened. All appointments were cancelled and then I just fell into a black hole. I blame crappy staff. Their staff is bad and the problem is worsened with a very ridiculous phone system. I mean, who doesn't have an answering service to voicemail if someone does not pick up after 15 minutes? It's crazy. The thing that really upset me was when they denied my med refill saying "Patient unknown." I had seen their office for over a decade, and had an appointment on the books. WTF!?!
  20. Oh, and please buy us some primer, and two gallons of paint in that chantilly lace color.
  21. Time to squirrel away those asparagus that I dug up. I am almost done digging things up here. I have really done a ton of squirreling. I think I will leave the oregano bush and the rosemary bush. Those grow so damn fast and I am concerned that it is loaded with elm seeds. I am not a fan of those. Maybe I will dig up a small portion of the oregano that it out front and just plant a brand new rosemary bush. In the dirt is my happy place, on the bike and with a shovel
  22. I need a chipper, a tractor, a paint sprayer, and some painters tape. I'll give you a new list, next month.
  23. HAHA and @BR46 you are a good egg. Looks like a mess to deal with.
  24. Something that really saves me is that I am semi connected well with the local doc community. My husband's position as well as BFFs that are docs has saved me a lot. I have been looked at without an appointment, after a significant bike crash and things like that. I have had scripts called in, orders sent in, and I feel very lucky to be connected to the medical community. There are very few neurologists though. very few. Even fewer that specialize in MS.
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