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Pump track bike is ruined

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K let a hippy ride it last night.  At the very least, it needs new grips and new pedals now.  I think his dreadlocked funk might have even fallen onto the frame as well.  I need a whole new bike.  K can have this one now.  HAHA!


I was like ... "who let this guy on the track?"   :dontknow:

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This guy had dreads that ran all the way down his back.  I was disgusted and horrified.  I think he was lost, and should head back on the Western side of Oregon.


Some people think of Oregon as a state full of hippies.  This is not accurate.  We are very diverse here in regards to our residents.





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she's trying to pretend that people in Oregon aren't all hippies


just smile and nod. I think she's getting premenopausal.


:nod head:


There are lots of conservative counties here.  It is not like Ashland, Portland or Eugene where I live.  You don't know what you are talking about.


Bringing up the ladies stuff in regards to my thought process is quite rude. 

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